ArtProcess.  On making art and artist-to-artist communication.


It was turn of the century and early days of general internet takeup, and (being an artist myself) couldn't find a free website to upload images of work.
In 2003 I published ArtProcess with two central ideas of uploading images and more importantly, promoting communication between artists.
Unfortunately it turned out artists weren't much interested in using it for public online discourse, so over the years this website gradually fell into disuse.

The site remains functional (new users can still register and upload images), and notwithstanding what some might call a cacaphony of visual noise, there is signal to be found here by those willing (and patient) enough to look.

JP Delaney (aka Justatest)
Wexford Ireland
June 2018

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Street banner for ArtProcess Trapani 2007 collective exhibition
ArtProcess Group Exhibition at Trapani Sicily 2007