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JP Delaney
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Bread For Forgetting
bread dough, beer can
h.14cm w.9cm d.7cm
Jan 2010

JP's Description: Mauro Lovi said he knew some bakers, and would I design a bread loaf for them?
I decided to try it out by baking it myself first, so I made up a wholegrain dough with millet and farro, and using fresh brewers yeast as a raising agent. I then put it in a recently-emptied beer can and let it rise so it started to spill out the top and dribble down the sides. I baked it at 200C for some time (as I'd proceeded to empty other beer cans, I don't remember how long it stayed in the oven). Anyway after it cooled down, I cut away the most of the can to reveal the perfectly baked loaf.
I then sent it off to Mauro. The resulting silence tells me the bakers weren't amused.

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2010-03-28 17:53

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! That's a good one...

2010-03-29 12:05

In Germany we call beer „liquid bread“. So your work is not only a proper depiction of reality but a pleonasm as well. Maybe you should send a photograph of it to a German brewery like Dinkelacker-Schwaben Bräu, 70178 Stuttgart, Germany., as an advertising suggestion. Might be in the end there’s some money in it. Perhaps they are more clever than Italian bakers.

2010-03-29 16:11

It's nice to see that at least someone here is making some bread from their work.


2010-03-29 20:26

Propose To Me Darling!
I'd also sent another piece some weeks earlier to Mauro in response to his request for an artwork submision (LINK - actually I hadn't taken a photo of it as I'd left it right up until the final day of acceptance to complete, and I wasn't too sure if it was worthy of making a record), nevertheless now I find I'm enthusiastically on the verge of emailing him to ask him for what he's proposing for the next project.
However, it also strikes me why can't we at ap not do this proposing of ""Requests For Artworks"" ourselves? (I mean if asking for a loaf of bread can be meaningful - we can surely come up with something equally as ridiculous).
What do you think of each one of the core group (Gang of 4 and selected others) making a request for realization of a work, and it being open to anyone of the rest of us at ap to send in images of our submissions? It wouldn't be a competition - just a reason for a bit of craic (that means fun in Irish) - and maybe we'd possibly even succeed in mining something of meaning between our efforts?
It'd be a sort of Anti-Exhibition. What do you think - anyone game?

2010-04-01 01:42

I iz in! Only I don't know how to bake, kin I jes' buy a store bought loaf?
Wadja say man (JP, sir) iz it ok, kin I still be part o' dis here thing? PLEEZE NOTIFY ASAP!

2010-04-01 09:30

Ah you've put your foot in it now Mr. Kagan. The loaf of bread is over and done with, and so we need to come up with something else. As you're a member of the select Go4, how about coming up with a new RFW (Request For Work) proposal that the rest of us can mull over and consider working on?

2011-06-26 21:15

Caro J Paul mi puoi dire dopo quanti anni si possono usare spot radiofonici a fini artistici? grazie Claudio

2011-06-26 21:15

Caro J Paul mi puoi dire dopo quanti anni si possono usare spot radiofonici a fini artistici? grazie Claudio

2011-06-30 21:15

la tua caro J Paul e' una vera esplosione per dissetare la sete dei tempi moderni. Ci si potrebbe anche mangiarla a fette oltre che a berla. Buona digestione!

2011-07-03 13:46

My dear John-Paul, don’t worry, I’m not commenting on this piece another time but on an aspect of your project „Luogo del sogno“, which I can do only here. And of course I’m sorry to disturb your dreams at that silent location with my remarks for to begin with.

Well, today my comment has nothing to do with art but, triggered by your term „ a vagina-like form“ with terminology instead. Since years I watch the growing confusion in terminology spreading from the English speaking countries which in my opinion is an offense against the beauty and completeness of the female genitals. Since the old Romans we all have a perfect decent terminology when it comes to talking about or describing the female privates.

First of all there is the destinction between the outer and the inner parts. All of the outer (i.e. visible) parts are called „VULVA“. This term collects parts as the outer labia, the inner labia, the clitoris hood and the clitoris glans. And as the transition to the inner parts the vulval vestibule with the urethral and the vaginal opening as well as some very small openings for the secretions.

The inner and therefore invisible parts on the other hand contain the vagina, which is that tube that starts with its opening and ends with the the cervix, which is the connection to the uterus. Attended to the uterus deep in the lower body are the ovaries that produce the eggs etc.

So for to cut a long story short, when we, like you did in your explanation, talk about what’s visible of the female genitals, then we should use the right and proper term VULVA and not use the name of just a parthidden inside the body. I mean it’s not that difficult isn’t it? We all owe women so very much that I think it should go without saying that we use proper terms for all they have.

2011-07-22 16:11

Thanks Hanjo for pointing out my ignorance and putting the matter right in the most exact way. I acknowledge it here:


2015-08-04 07:14

This bread is the result of a "process" that you haven't credited. And, clearly is too yeasty.



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