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Patrick Higgins
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Warm Light and Sisters
acrylic on canvas
h.61cm w.76cm d.0cm
Jan 2008

Patrick's Description: painting

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Hanjo Schmidt

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2008-06-05 10:21

an exciting selection of works - very skillful capture of light. post a drawing too, perhaps.

2008-06-06 20:06

Patrick... I've been looking a lot at your work, and enjoying the command you have with "brushwork" (every now and then Hanjo brings up that word like a painting mantra), and your ease with your subjects.
What's even more interesting is the atmosphere of fleeting silence and intimacy you succeed in imbibing your subjects with (even in this one with it's tumble of youthful bodies - it's like you've captured a precious moment of stillness amongst constant laughing, chattering, and movement). It's a real pleasure to observe - I'm sure the actual works are gems themselves.

Glad to have you on board, and I hope you get something out of your presence here.

2008-06-11 22:21

Couldn't agree more j-p and the many comments attest to the spirit of freshness that Patrick's work and presence has already contributed. I don't want to stir things up but it has occurred to me that it's the so called figurative artists, who concern themselves with such old fashioned notions as capturing some idea or essence of reality who are also much more likely to engage in articulating their motivations or processes than their strictly abstract fellow artists. If you roam about this site you'll notice that it's mainly the former who get into back and forth discussions, particularly with one another. This isn't a "who's better" question, after all we all know that all art is ultimately an abstraction. But I do have to wonder sometimes about the pure abstractionists. Where's their passion and burning desire to communicate with one another what it is they're up to? Maybe it's as simple as Louis Armstrong's famous answer when he was asked, what's jazz?"... "Hey man if you gotta ask, you ain't never gonna know".


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