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Aine Scannell
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Healing Chamber
trace monotype and digital print
h.33cm w.48cm d.0cm
Oct 2006

Aine's Description: This is another work made for my 'Traces on Wood' series. There are about 14 of them so far and I would like to be able to produce about 30 if i possibly can manage it. I sent three of these images to Antonio, who is co ordination the exhibition in Trapani and making his own artwork also when he has the time . I would think it is very difficult for him to find the time and the energy.

Sorry, I digress, getting back to the traces on wood series - they take a lot of time to develop even though they may appear 'simple'.
I have a huge amount of hybrid forms which I have developed and I am continually researching (nowadays it's mainly on the internet) and developing. I am forever seeking to expand this resource bank of my own hybrids, using the scanner, computer and Photoshop has helped me greatly . Previously I had to do a lot of work by using tracing paper and then sketching and then photocopying to make forms larger or smaller.

In this particular piece i.e., 'Healing Chamber' I have represented the forum of the psychiatric patient or subject and the therapist. As artists I feel that we are often our own therapist. We heal ourselves. Often we put our selves through it as well but we develop and grow consequently.

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