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stereotypo Weisbarth Wahler Harmsen
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h.4cm w.2cm d.2cm
Jun 2007

stereotypo's Description: inprigionato nella rete

relazioni tra amicizia tedesca e italiana, cliché di relazioni di
ostilitá tedesca e italiana

una sinfonia di parole
un imagine dei suoni
una ambivalenza paradosso dei valori

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2007-06-29 08:11

Trapani ArtProcess 2007 - Network - Lutz Wahler, Lars Harmsen, Elke Weisbarth
Caught in the net – clichés and other entanglements from the sea of love and hate between German and Italian culture.A symphony of words, a picture of sounds, a resonance of values standing in paradoxical ambivalence towards each other.
Trapani 06/2007
read on:
a fishing net holding cartons printed with phrases and images is hanging in the middle of the room at the Pesceria of Trapani. Some of the cartons have fallen out of the net. The sides of the cartons are printed with the finest clichés which the equivocal friend or foe relationship between Germany and Italy throws up.
Italians admire the Germans but they don’t love them. Germans love the Italians but don’t respect them.
A long history of cultural exchange binds Germany and Italy.
The ancient Romans spread their language, architecture, social organization, cuisine and administration over Europe and hence Germany too.
In later history, there has been a permanent exchange of products, work, bodily fluids, primi or secondi piatti or contorni.
As positive as this international exchange often is, so destructive it can be at a regional level in the eyes of the other. Football matches between the two countries such as during the last World Cup are a cauldron of emotions where chants and insults get bandied back and forth in the same old worn-out clichés.
Our work is an attempt to focus on the ambivalence of this love and hate relationship, the admiration and the disdain, and put it into the picture for the art process.
Bella Figura, Bella Processo, Arte Processo!
Lutz Wahler, Lars Harmsen, Elke Weisbarth
Trapani 06/2007

2010-07-05 23:32

deep work nice theme


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