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JP Delaney
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Oil on linen on metal wire structure
h.75cm w.80cm d.130cm
Nov 1997

JP's Description: After a lot of sculptural work having arrogant, protruding elements, I thought I'd turn one inside-out, to see what it looked like from the other side. I was curious to find it took on as aspect more like a victim, than the aggressor of the earlier pieces.

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2006-09-29 09:51

I'd be interested in seeing how this idea might look worked in an upright position...There's got to be a technically easier way for you to progress with this kind of work..resin..Nikki etc......

2006-10-08 22:04

If I explored the path of easier technique, I'd end up with twice, perhaps three times the amount of (unwanted) pieces I currently have lying around. My wife has banned them from the house, and I've run out of space. I had to give this one away recently - even that wasn't easy - I tried to convince the guy it was an important piece for me (he wasn't impressed - ya just can't win). So I'm better off with that one piece a year worked over and over.
Luckily, messing around with this website keeps me away from the studio!

2006-10-09 10:32

Hi JP..I understand the space issue. I work in our apartment. You may have noticed the size of the works I've been putting up on the site..5 x 7 inches. You can stock a lot of cards that size in a small studio, and its much easier to sell them to private collectors from both the spatial and pricing perspectives....I know we all want to work on these large massive paintings and sculptures etc, but most people live in low ceiling smaller dwellings today, and they just don't have the space for industrial size art......

teresa a
2006-11-08 10:21

hi John-paul. when I first saw these works of yours I thought they were made of rubber! they have that sheen or finish to them. I still cant seem to get that out o my head even though I realise now they are made with wire and linen.I see what you mean about them having an aspect of a victim, they seem to be trying to protect themselves, curled up and hiding their vulnerable 'bits'. I really like these works.


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