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JP Delaney
About this artwork
Oil on linen on metal wire structure
h.110cm w.240cm d.80cm
Nov 1994

JP's Description: I had done a series of objects with aggressive protruding parts, and wanted to 'soften' the tendency giving some feminine grace somehow. This work originated upright and reached the ceiling of the room I was working in. It curved out from the wall and it's sides ondulated in a similar fashion. One day, it just slipped down the wall and crashed to the ground on it's side. For some reason I don't recall, it stayed that way and became a free-standing piece.
It was one of those early works that (literally) broke away from the confines of the wall, and it's implied two-dimensionality.

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2008-01-30 21:52

dear john
simplicity... no suspicion An interesting outcome spirit spread in your work, you are playing and that is the point. thank you

2008-01-31 21:00

Masaa al kheir. Thanks for your comment Khairy - I'm very happy to see a vocal arabic artist deciding it might be worthwhile to join us. In my opinion, the more artists from around the world who understand that we all share a common visual language, and use that as a means for communication with others from different backgrounds, the richer we become in spirit.
As you rightly mention, art is often a game, a practice of playfulness, yet the inspiratation and the process can often involve more serious emotion.
Sometimes I think it may be our job to present difficult issues in playful ways perhaps to make them easier to digest for the onlooker.
Other times the opposite is also necessary, where our job is to use a visual language to expose an unexpected truth behind certain accepted social rituals.


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