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JP Delaney
About this artwork
Oil on linen on metal wire structure
h.130cm w.80cm d.14cm
Apr 1994

JP's Description: Driving in winter in Sicily, I passed an ancient, abandoned cottage at the side of the road. I was reminded of similar scenes in the Ireland of my childhood which were frequent testiment to a history of colonization, poverty and emigration.

One detail caught my eye. It was the remains of a large, ragged, cloth caught in the sash of an upstairs window and fluttering in the breeze.

A flag of resistance or surrender, I wondered.

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2006-06-25 05:00

i like the way this just about marches off the wall. it's got some momentum that reaches out. i also like how hairy it is. at first i though it was cactus!

2006-06-25 05:00

Funny how you should pick on this - I've just returned from my second visit to Sicily twelve years after the first trip mentioned in this piece. Last weekend I went there on the invitation of Antonio Sammartano (some of his work can be seen on this site) with the intention of seeing if it would be possible to organize a "real" Art Process collective exhibition there. I feel that a real group show is the next step to take for Art Process. I've worked with this virtual project for so long now that I want to see work I can touch and bump into! Antonio is very experienced with organizing art events, so hopefully we'll get to realize something in the near future...
You mentioned cactus. In fact, Sicily is full of them - huge, spiny, beautiful green fleshy presences in the arid landscape. I agree with how this work looks so cactus-like though at the time it hadn't occurred to me. The "hair" is the metal wire (used to hold the thing together) that gets covered in layer upon layer of gesso and oilpaint so in the end it's all one.
Regarding the movement you mentioned, yes, it was all about that - transience, a valedicition, and what remains after the leavetaking.

2006-06-25 05:00

that's excellent! I hope your real world exhibit comes together..meanwhile did you see I posted something about art process on artblog? here's the link

2006-06-25 05:00

oops, guess i can't put a link in. well just go to artblog and look at posts for 6/25/06 and you'll find it.

2006-06-27 10:32

Hello Roberta... many thanks for that lengthy one-year-later writeup on artblog. I've just finished adding some more to the Art Process homepage (last three registered artists who've posted work, latest artwork comment, latest forum comment, and a selected comment), with a view to stimulating more discussion, so let's see how it goes...
As soon as I get a moment, I'll fix that issue you mentioned where you can't post a URL, and I'll keep you informed if the show in Trapani becomes a reality.
Best wishes again for your (and Libby's) great work.

2006-06-27 11:38

Thanks, J-P and keep up the good work!


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