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JP Delaney
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Oil on linen on metal wire structure
h.125cm w.130cm d.55cm
Oct 1993

JP's Description: Sometimes it's better just to shut up. At least that was my feeling while I was doing this piece.

Shut up and work, shut up and work. Quit wasting so much time.

Hmm... even then after a lot of sustained work and production, nothing ever happened.

It's 13 years later, and looking like it's not enough to just shut up and work.

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eliZabeth Frolet

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2009-07-01 15:38

This for JP - I often go back to your studio log to visit the painted hospital twenty- something artist pictured there. Something comforting about that environment,and i like the paintings. I like the exuberance and passion of youth exhibited there, the confidence and arrogance and ignorance all mixing wildly together, cold-hearted cynicism yet to come. i also painting my digs and contents white as a youth, but often upon moving in...
by the way, a belated Happy Birthday! I have posted a photo on my studio log of what I was doing on June 23, first solo show.

2009-07-07 13:23

Thanks Arnold for the birthday wishes. I'm late in replying as I'm back in Ireland for a month working as a laborer for my brother as he builds a showroom for his business. I'm adding this message on his office computer while I take five minutes off from plastering the ceiling.
Saw the poster for your first show all those years ago. Does the tradition still exist of taking on a space for a show?


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