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JP Delaney
About this artwork
Tela rossa
Oil on canvas and mixed materials
h.310cm w.120cm d.35cm
Feb 1992

JP's Description: When I first arrived in Rome, I had a lot of problems with the neighbours as I'd get up early in the morning and start sawing wood to make stretchers for canvas. Very quickly I realized I'd better stop that, and so I began to work with garden wire netting to build forms that turned out to be robust and light.
The main advantage was that it was a relatively silent process - the disadvantage being it took much longer to complete.
This work was a combination of the old process (stretched canves) inside and outside the 'new' wire frame.
I liked the result - not only the finished work, but that the neighbours too became less hostile.

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Patricia Carmo

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2006-01-08 05:00

this is an excellent image/sculpture, i wonder what meaning it would 'acquire' if you kept on researching this big, soft material, apart the problems you've got with neighbours, landlords and kids , understanding all that as the limits we all have and live upon...i see this work in different colours, different kinds of clothes nad maybe even different forms. i like the circle i see, the softness is gentlem maybe the same work in two colors, i don't know...i just think it's a very interesting field to research a bit longer than just one try...go for it ;) !

2006-01-11 05:00

Hi Patricia.. In fact you're right - this was a type of watershed in the progression of things that I did after. I abandoned altogether stretching canvas, and moved with the building of wire frames. So even though I've always enjoyed building stretchers and stretching the canvas fabric - this tendency was dropped, and the other continued with.
But now that you bring it up, I think it may be useful soon to revisit this approach to the work. As you suggest, there is a lot still to explore in that direction, and I will certainly return to develop along those lines in some way. Many thanks for your comment. /j-p.


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