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Hillel Kagan
About this artwork
Aquarium Figures
oil on wooden box
h.17cm w.20cm d.20cm
Jul 2006

Hillel's Description: I tried to envisage two female figures in a box and how they would interface from all sides.

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JP Delaney

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2006-08-28 22:05

Hillel... Well, full credit to you for being so cool about this work - if I were you I'd be jumping up and down with excitement!

Please say a few words about this - do you see it as an advance forward, or just an interesting experiment?

At any rate, I see it as bursting with sculptural significance, and would dearly like to see you venture more into three dimensions.

2006-08-29 16:25

J-P, your enthusiasm for this piece surprised me. As I told you I was convalescing and found it difficult to paint standing and I was looking for something I could do while seated.
I had this box from IKEA and kind of visualized two semi-transparent figures within. I wanted to see how they interplayed from all sides but I certainly didn't see it as sculptural project, more like a painting with five sides. When I finished it just seemed to me to be a decorated box. I thought I'd been really stupid and should have done five seperate small canvases based on the same premise because I actually quite liked the sides as individual paintings rather than the whole. But your reaction is causing me to rethink the whole thing. I'd really intended this to be a one-off but now I think I might try doing another. Thanks for your comments.


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