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Hillel Kagan
About this artwork
Figures in a Box (top view)
oil on wooden box
h.21cm w.27cm d.21cm
Jun 2007

Hillel's Description: Imagining two figures from different angles contained in a cube.

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2011-11-04 21:38

Figures? c'mon that's about as far from figurative as a mid-career Kandinsky. My 3-year old niece could do better.
Admit it man, you've sullied your lifelong oeuvre with this ABSTRACT!!

2011-11-05 23:15

Hey man I'm a Jew! Do you really think that after a lifetime of being baited by some of the best and most cunning, I would fall for a lure as cheap as the one you've offered here? Did You really think that I would naively bite and we would all "INCREDIBLY" start playing again? DO I REALLY APPEAR TO BE THAT STUPID AND SIMPLEMINDED?

So thanks for your comment. Yes, I do see your point, this one certainly does appear to be rather abstract. In my defense, I must say that I've never described myself as a painter of surface reality, photographic or otherwise. Generally I call myself a figurative (or figural) artist. The figurative aspect seems to be necessary to sustain my interest. However I do agree that in all likelihood your three year old niece COULD do better.

2011-11-06 23:08

Kagan, the problem is you're just too damn smart. I knew you wouldn't fall for it, but couldn't resist the temptation to try rattle that cage of yours. You know I think the the figurative/non-figurative divide a load of baloney, and that everything is basically figurative - even a white-on-white.
The non-existant 3 year-old I threw in for good measure - I get that told to me all the time. The whole point of my little interjection is to say I like this painting and hope to see it in real life one day. So says an Irish Paddy.

2011-11-07 22:34

OK Mr. Kagan I do understand your boredom with the same old - same old repetition and re-hash of tired phrases on artprocess. But now I need some advice - do we just quit the failed project, or argue out some possible ways of getting beyond the current artist-to-artist navel gazing?

2011-11-07 22:46

Oops! I had attributed that yawn to you Mr.K! Funny - I didn't see it was Denis who was falling asleep with procedings. I hope you'll accept my apologies, and reply instead as if it really was your expression of irritated boredom with this website and it's inability to get beyond the present longstanding stasis.
Denis too of course - if he's so inclined.

2011-11-08 01:11

There was never anything wrong with the AP concept other than there being very few artists willing to engage and say anything. Denis's "yawn" is hardly a comment, I suspect it was meant to communicate something other than his boredom with the present long standing stasis and had more to do with his opinion of the two loser and failed artist interlocutors in this particular dialogue.
Actually this site spawned more genuine artist to artist communication than I've seen anywhere else but four or five people will inevitably start repeating themselves. If Denis (and others) can muster more than a yawn and actually express themselves this site has a chance of a rebirth. The narcissistic nature of artists who upload a few images and expect people to fall all over themselves expressing love and admiration for their hitherto unnoticed genius makes that prospect highly unlikely.
As you're well aware JP, you've always had a great deal more confidence in the well intentioned, eager to learn and exchange, democratic nature of your fellow artists than cynical old me.

2011-11-08 08:42

Thanks for your comment JP, I have been working for some time in the water images, although I didn’t upload them here, I will .
This time I'll just write under Hillel’s painting to continue a little with your conversation. I also thought that the "yawn" comment was one of Mr.Kagan's ironic things, but to my surprise it was from Denis. As Hillel says, this is the real problem of this web , too many in it, and very few that really invest some time in adding a comment to someone’s else’s painting. (can “Yawn” be considered a comment?...maybe so) . I have the feeling that the 5 or 6 persons that usually write will continue doing so if someone brings up a theme, but no one else, and it’s a pity because there have been some good arguments here. Interesting some times and fun others, what to do to make people intervene? Choose the painting of the month and talk about it? Or vote the ten best paintings and only show those for one week? I have no idea, but I do like this web, and I don’t want it dead.

2011-11-08 15:49

It's a great personal insult that either of you, after all these years, might have thought, no matter how briefly, that I could possibly have been the author of a mean spirited, banal and ill humoured "yawn". But for old time's sake and because I'm such a good shit, I forgive you!
I do like both of Karen's ideas especially the painting of the month. Either would be bound to stir up some conversation. How to do it? Very undemocratically JP, just do it. You should pick first to get the process going. Afterwards appoint a judge or judges either democratically or by fiat to spread out the chore of selection.

2011-11-11 23:07

So Denis' yawn turned out to be useful. It got me to add our photo mugshots to comments so my mistake won't be so easily repeated in the future. Adds a bit of color too to that drab gray.
I'm a little disappointed it wasn't really Kagan's irritation with the boring proceedings, as I'm sure something interesting would have come out in the ensuing arguments.
Anyway, Karen's suggestion has given me an idea to start working on. It's a bit complicated to do and will take a bit of time.. please bear with me on that. Nevertheless, in my opinion, if you really want more people to get involved, you'll have to work at posting relevant comments to their images and hopefully you'll provoke better than a yawning response!
Also try to write a little more on your OWN works. Give us some background details about what's happening in your life, what frustrations as an artist you're experiencing, what kind of reaction to your work you get, and how it differs from what you'd wish for. Etc., etc.
As we all face similar issues, you're bound to receive replies from fellow artists. In the end, it's really the human story that gets people's interest, and motivates them to get add a comment.
So, senior members of ap - if you don't feel like commenting much on what you see on the site, do at least beef up what you write about your own artworks please! That will already be a good start.


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