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Hillel Kagan
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Figures In a Box (exploded view)
oil on wooden box
h.27cm w.27cm d.21cm
Jun 2007

Hillel's Description: Imagining two figures from different angles contained in a cube.

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2007-10-30 20:20

Now that you've exhibited your stuff right smack in a baroque cathoic church (at Trapani), I see you've even taken to the symbolism with this latter-day rendition of figures in a cruciform.
I suppose next you'll be expecting nomination for the Archbishopric of art process!

Seriously I love to watch your exploration of figurative abstraction, (as you call it).
Nevertheless I'd prefer an 'X' format here as opposed to the weight of the possible religious reference.

2007-10-30 21:59

That's very funny, thanks for your comments. The exploded view of the box just happens to turn into a cruciform. I can assure you there was no personal or religious intent.
More importantly it's nice to feel your presence once again on this site. It's been missed, welcome back.

2007-10-31 05:55

Well in a way I wasn't joking. Take a look at the painting again - doesn't it look like a baroque ceiling - all airiness and light? Here's a random URL as an example:
(you'll have to copy it into the address line of your browser as I've turned off links in comments).
Anyone in agreement?

Then I'm thinking, man - this guy gets compared to half the history book! Bacon, Hopper, Tiepolo... you name it. What's the story Kagan?

2007-10-31 12:46

I agree with J.P. I have been working in a Catholic Church, restoring a Luca Giordano ceiling, and your painting was something of a flashback to that baroque movement and light, and forced diagonals. Although to me as I told you somewhere it looks like a fabulous struggle, it has something brutal in it on the verge of metamorphosing into something unknown. Unknown for us, but very clear and intimate for you. Very up-to-date in its internal violence.
Glad to hear from you too, J.Paul.

2007-10-31 13:53

Well you've caught me red handed. I've been working my way through the Encyclopedia of Art absorbing and stealing everything I see with the ambition of combining all those thousands and thousands of different ways of seeing and painting to make one, unified, gigantic mess.

2007-10-31 14:58

...hmm maybe you merit that Archbishop position after all.

2007-11-01 01:20

Woh, woh, wait a second here! I just checked this web address you gave J.P and what did I find? This guy wearing his piece of drape, (is it?) way too high for not showing anything underneath... Well, he seems more like a half way Dionisos' figure to me. And I trust you are all aware of Dionisos' habits. An Archbishop should at least blush at such a sight!
Ah, those double cross renaisanse artists...

2007-11-01 07:30

Well, the Archbishop did say he wanted to absorb 'different ways of seeing'. I suppose that would also include a Dionysian view of things?
Regarding the element you've noted as missing, I suggest that it has moved, in response to the friendly attentions of those two kind ladies?


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