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Hillel Kagan
About this artwork
My Mishpocha,
Oil on canvas
h.318cm w.276cm d.0cm
Sep 2008

Hillel's Description: A continuation of my exploration of deep space and using everyday motifs from my own life. The play of mirrored image and reality is one that has always fascinated me. Here I set up a vast mirror in my smallish studio, consequently I am shown at work with my sitters, my wife and her girlfriend, as well as our two grand children and our puppy Benny. Shown in the smaller mirror at the far end is my son and daughter-in-law. The little person is our neighbour and good friend Helen and the man in the doorway is Mike our mailman. I persuaded him to stay for a few minutes while I caught his likeness, sometimes things just happen and for me Mike's appearance just made this particular painting special. Although I'm not entirely happy with this one (I find it a bit tight) I do think it has some merit.

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2008-06-06 08:34

I distinctly recall telling you that traditional perspective is out of date. Haven’t I taught you anything? And take a brake with that egocentric attitude of yours. Try some mythological subject, or something even humbler, like the little people whom your daughter in law laughs at.
And do open those studio windows or I’ll get Picasso to do it for you!

2008-06-06 15:28

Thanks Maria, you hit the nail right on the head about the whole perspective thing, I just don't seem able to free myself of my classical training. It's very frustrating, try as I may, I always seem to go back to it in my vain attempts to resolve a painting. It tears me apart and I have persistent suicidal thoughts. By the way I wasn't aware that you knew Pablo personally. If you could talk to him and possibly obtain his assistance for me I'd be greatly appreciative.


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