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Kristina Lycke
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acrylic on canvas
h.100cm w.70cm d.0cm
May 2014

Kristina's Description: She

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2014-05-05 16:46

There is a lot happening - density, push pull. Very little cliche and some nice surprising areas here and there. I like it, bravissimo!

2014-05-05 17:04

What an honor as a first reaction to this lively piece... you managed to motivate Hillel to step in with some welcome words of encouragement. Kristina, take a moment to savor a happy sense of feeling pleased with yourself.

Kagan.. are ya paintin' at all at all?

2014-05-05 17:20

I called Hillels's comment ...... I need to understand what i'm doing.

2014-05-05 17:34

Kristina... do excuse me as I'm a bit slow - I can't figure out that message of yours. What do you mean by you called his comments?

And as far as not understanding what we're doing - join the (sizable and growing) club. :o)

2014-05-05 17:36

I sent Hillel an email saying i wanted to show the painting. He must have felt obliged ... Perhaps .......

2014-05-05 17:54

Haha! Don't tell me - a certain female charm? Well done... we must needs muster all the arms of persuasion we possibly can. Old (Master) hands' involvement like Hillel are notoriously difficult to invoke.

2014-05-05 21:10

There must be something in the words Hillel uses to describe paintings......the right words, always, powerful words. Bellissimo !

2014-05-06 00:51

No feeling of obligation Kristina, I just figured I would respond to your email here (I'm ok by the way). Your last paintings have seen a marked improvement and I felt compelled to respond. That you somehow or other got something out of the lesson of the 8 astounds me because I explained myself so poorly.
Sorry, I'm not doing much painting JP, I'm too busy replacing my parts. I am not too sure that keeping people alive when their parts start wearing out is worth the effort.
Everybody knows that when your vehicle gets so old that you have to start replacing everything, it's time to junk the heap.
Hope you're both alright - regards to all.

2014-05-06 20:14

Time to head off to Cuba Hillel.
There they know how to treat old cars well. Also I'm reliably told by Kristina, who has travelled extensively on the island, that it's teeming with fully-qualified medical doctors even in the most remote of locations.
In addition, I reckon you'll know just how to appreciate the good cigars, and the good music. Even a bit of tropical sunshine might step up the momentum of that cold Canadian blood circuitry of yours.
My unwarranted advice is to tell Donna to convince you of a month's rest and recuperation there in the real deep south.

2014-05-06 21:29

Hillel you haven't been to Cuba yet? I'm sure you'd enjoy it. They love old cars and if doctors can't help you can always try with santeria ...... :-)


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