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teresa a mills
About this artwork
plaster / chrome taps/ plastic pies
h.95cm w.80cm d.45cm
Jun 2006

teresa a's Description: domestic hybrid.
This work is a comment on the domestication of the human.I use the everyday object as a metaphor for our domestic selves. This works spider-like form represents the more primitive beginnings of the human. The domestic sink i see as also representing the element of water, where all life originated according to the theories of evolution.This sink sculpture was exhibited with other domestic hybrid objects in a house like setting and played the part of one of the members of a 'family'. The sink i see as playing the teenager of that family, between stages of metamorphosis, neither an adult or a child and self-conscious of its changing body.

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JP Delaney

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2006-10-19 22:18

Somewhere on these comment pages, I don't recall whose work it was Mr. Delaney talks about seeking that one great memorable image as a worthy cause unto itself (I'm paraphrasing). A friend of mine, the eminent Canadian sculptor and painter John MacGregor calls it the "architecture of the mind". I think this is your great strength, you've created quite a few. I was just perusing the gallery when I came across this one which I've seen before and haven't been able to get out of my mind, Kafka's Metamorphosis being rather a favourite of mine.
Maybe you know or don't that when Kafka first published his story they wanted it illustrated. He didn't mind illustrations but would not allow the insect to be illustrated. Whether you had his story in mind or not I'm certain that this depiction would have satisfied him. Maybe it's the womanly nature of Kafka's dilemma that parallels your work so well.

2006-10-19 23:20

I was just reading this over and I must have "architecture" on my mind. Apologies, the phrase my friend John M. says is "The real Estate of The Mind".Which makes at least some sort of sense.

teresa a
2006-10-23 17:07

thank Hillel for your comments. yes kafka metamorphosis was an inspiration to me also cronenbergs naked lunch


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