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Hanjo Schmidt
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Supermarket C
acrylics on canvas
h.100cm w.120cm d.0cm
Jul 2007

Hanjo's Description: The third one of the triplet.

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Marco Aurélio

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2007-04-26 15:50

Dear Maria, I want to take this medium for answering you for maybe there is someone else interested in reading it.
You wrote: „My favourite expression is that of the first one but the colour of the middle one I think is the best.“ I guess everyone differs a bit in what she likes most of a series. Normally I like the last done best. It’s the most recent love so to say. Well in the Anna series I like the second most, the one with the volatile smile. In the latest series it is number three, the one with the open mouth. I think one has to define what it means „to like something best“ for in this case there is a difference between every viewer ... from the ignorant, naive amateur to the well known critic ... and the artist. Exept the artist everyone has to compare what she sees with what she has seen before. So it’s a look back even when the past is just some minutes old. Only the artist compares what she sees with something that she hasn’t seen before. It is the virtual state of what she tries to reach, her imagination, her plan, her goal.
So after all those loud expressions, those shoutings and outbursts I wanted to explore the silent ones, the minute ones. And after having seen another corpse two weeks ago with that „uninhabited“ face I wanted to put the finger on the life in it. My goal was to have these moist eyes, moist lips, sensitive and nearly transparent skin and how to find brushstroke metaphors for all this. And compared with my goal the second Anna is nearest and the third Katja. And what I like very much is that this time I didn’t do the shadowy parts just in a darker hue but in a different colour. That makes the whole appearance lighter. This vulnerable rosy tone is exactly what I was looking for. The dark parts in number two, the weeping one, make the skin hard and leathery and this wasn’t my intention. So for me „The Moment III“ is the most perfect painting I’ve ever done.

2007-04-26 17:31

Dear Hanjo,
My saying that I like No II’s colour best meant exactly what I said. I like it more because it is my cup of tea. It is like saying that I like lemon sorbet more than strawberry, which I would also have with pleasure. That’s all.
It was not an act of artistic criticism. I like all your work. All of it.

Maybe the reason why I like this one more is exactly the fact that you use a different colour for the shade and not just a darker hue. And if I had to make some criticism, I would say that in my opinion No II is not leathery at all. It just has a different light. The kind of light-and-dark juxtaposition that allows the artist to make bold colour choices. Let me explain myself better:
To my eyes,
No I is bold with its blue brushstrokes but they seem a little too much to me. A little too many too alike. I am very fond of the brushstrokes though that seem thiner than usual and transparent.
No II is bold because it is rich with truth. Look at the shadow on the cheek. Look at how the eyes float borderlineless in a sea of warm light. There are hundreds of different pinks and oranges and brownish greys in there. It is alive. And frankly, I couldn’t tell what her exact feeling is, but after all this orgasmic painting shower, I don’t care much.
No III is a little more linear and the colour gives me an impression of impenetrability, at least compared to No II.

See, we have proven that everyone differs a bit in what we see in a work. And maybe we also proved that each and everyone’s plan, each and everyone’s goal interferes inevitably with our judgment of others’ work, even if only slightly.

Now for heaven’s sake take a brake or I will not be able to shake your hand as tight as I would like to in July.

2007-04-26 18:21

Not at all did I take your choice as a criticism. In contrary I am very happy that you have your own well defined view of things. I just wanted to express why I like number three so very much. Yes and the eyes of number II ... You are right they are the focus besides the teeth. In the German language we have a very beautiful word to describe Katja’s left eye. It is „verschwommen“ meaning something like it is swimming. And indeed it is swimming in tears. By the way: the next days no painting nor building crates or whatever. I go swimming instead for I was told that this would be good for my arm and shoulder and that it will ease my pain.

2010-02-27 20:27

Dearest Maria, reading our commemts again after years I am ashamed that I deleted the other examples we were talking about so that no one understands what we are talking about. But in a way even without the examples the text is rich vivid and good. So again thanks for your thoughts words and friendship.


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