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Hanjo Schmidt
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White Shirt
acrylic on canvas
h.120cm w.100cm d.3cm
May 2009

Hanjo's Description: face.

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Marco Aurélio

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2009-03-09 12:29

Well, I guess I need help. Today I wanted to simply cross Artprocess Boulevard but there’s no chance. It’s such an incredible traffic out here that it’s almost impossible to see the other side of the street. The artist’s entries come zoing zoing zoing in such a speed that you cannot even count the numbers of it. Why are these crazy artists overrunning this pretty boulevard with such a mass of entries, comments, essays etcetera etcetera? Do they have no other work to do, I mean painting for example? And it’s not only that they write down this huge amount of stuff, we have to read it all ... but when?
I would like to have this broad and beautiful boulevard with the illustrious name Artprocess to be much more peaceful. I would like to have pigeons sitting on it with their lovely bill and coo and some nice flowers coming through the cracks so that an old and infirm artist like me can shuffle along on it with my crutches with no fear at all of being brutally overrun within seconds. So please please do me the favour and slow down with all this hectic commenting and posting. One entry a year would be enough wouldn’t it?

2009-03-09 18:05

That reminds me of when I first met my wife. I spoke to her almost nonstop for two weeks - until I ran out of things to say. I'd said it all basically, and hadn't anything left to offer. That was 20 years ago, and we've hardly had a conversation since. One entry a year would be just too much in that case.

Do you think that perhaps we're arriving at a similar deadlock here at ap?

2009-03-09 20:09

whow, strange story. But don’t worry JP, we are living in a fully motorized civilisation and people don’t even buy cigarettes from the automat next door without using their car. And don’t forget the infamous Kagan gang that rules the streets. It can’t take so long and they’ll show up in their huge oversized black leather jackets and baggy trousers (you know, crotch ten cms below the knee and buttocks half visible) to make the traffic even more speedy. So your wife and I will hardly find a calm place somewhere under a nearby tree to put our folding chairs in the shadow and drink our tea from a thermos flask shaking our heads over this mess and every now and then utter a „hmm“ or „umm“ for talking is quite impossible in this horrible noise. I mean you should have known for a boulevard never is a dead end isn’t it?

2009-03-09 21:16

don't boulevards have shadows where people just stand around ,looking,trying to avoid the sun and it is so hot that they prefer to simply lay low and wait and see?i must say you guys are sometimes intimidating

2009-03-09 21:50

Well Fotini, I have a grandson, two and a half years old and very very sweet. When visiting him we have lots of fun playing football, what he loves, looking at picture books for hours, going to the city farm watching animals etcera. So we have a wonderful time together and it’s so nice to hear him talk in three languages at the same time. But I only see him four times a year for he lives in London and I live in Stuttgart. And for he cannot read letters we try to communicate via the phone. So everything seems to be perfect. But when his mom tells him that I am on the phone he comes running and takes the receiver with exitement ... and listens to my voice. He’s never saying a word, never, he’s only listening and sometimes nodding his head no matter how often my daughter tells him that he should better speak to me.

2009-03-09 22:51

Silence can be suffocating, and it can also be comfortable, in your grandson's case it is full of excitement and happiness and it is evident that he has no doubt you understand what he is saying without a word. (which is probably true)
What I feel here, in Artprocess, is someone’s special absence, and silence. One of our best authoritative voices, and I wouldn’t really call it authoritative but understanding and friendly voices. Here there is a saying “ No es mas grande el que más espacio ocupa , sino el que mas vacío deja cuando se va”.

2009-03-10 17:56

Hanjo I think you're onto something very interesting. I really like this painting and your latest upload "the woodcut print... hey what happened to it, it was here yesterday. I didn't have time to comment but intended to do so today, I found it to be refreshing and complimentary to the paintings. In these times (actually in all times but particularly these difficult financial times) limited edition multiples of any kind will serve an artist well and attract dealers. Sometimes an artist can scare off a dealer by being too prolific. The galleries simply find it it very difficult to place large paintings. Yet a signed limited edition of 25 -50 prints at a reasonable price sells easily and will pay the rent. And if an artist can produce smaller scale multiples and even control the means of production themselves as I assumed you did with that woodcut all the better. I didn't get a chance to really study it but I was impressed by the line (theories be damned, lines have meaning) and it was well done. I think you may have used a soldering iron to burn the line or was it a Dremel tool? The drawing was three frames of human leg parts and feet.

As for this painting you've arrived at an excellent and honest painting topic and even better, a very personal one, your own mortality and descent into decrepitude (I know the feeling). Somehow I don't think that it's that great a departure from your overall body of work which, at least to me has been about the pathetic fragility of the human body, its vulnerable flesh and brittle breakable bones but using yourself as a model takes real courage.

One or two large paintings, three or four smaller ones and a few limited edition prints of knotted joints, arthritic limbs, naturals roots and gnarled horseradishes, it's a blockbuster show just right for times... the whole world crumbling to shit.

As for all the talk of quiet boulevards, the irony and humour wasn't lost on me. Thanks for directing traffic and policing the neighbourhood, at least that notorious gang hasn't been out on the street wreaking havoc and disturbing the peace. They're probably serving time in some prison or other but no doubt they'll be back sooner or later and then all hell will break loose.


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