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Hanjo Schmidt
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Honey on the soul
h.200cm w.200cm d.200cm
Feb 2013

Hanjo's Description: Every now and then I like to have visitors in my studio. In particular if they are of this kind. So today half of the Club of Madrid had lots of fun. Thank you Maria. And thank you John-Paul for having given us the opportunity that this friendship could begin years ago.

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2013-02-05 18:15

Ha ha! That lady in the photograph doesn't look AT ALL convinced! Even she is questioning your choice of death masks for that gorgeous exhibition space? So nice to see Maria out-and-about. Please ask her why we've not had the privilege of sharing in what she's working on for such a long time now.
Notwithstanding, my compliments - you're both looking good, strong and healthy.
Now isn't it about time the (complete) Club of Madrid considered doing a group show in Stuttgart?

2013-02-05 20:25

What a surprise! almost all the members of the club having a meeting!
Maria is not really convinced... but I like it! What a pleasure to meet again! I bet you had fun! Next one in Madrid please!

2013-02-05 23:53

Well, that Maria is not convinced is not her statement but J-P's assumption. She herself did say nothing in that direction. We didn't even talk about that case. Maybe she will when she joins the discussion when being at home again. But I don't think so.
What we talked about instead was ArtProcess and the merits of our doubtful friend. And that we want to revive the discussion culture on this fabulous website. The very best in the whole World Wide Web when it comes to talking about art and its making.
Okay, I have to sleep now!

2013-02-06 08:19

For the curious, here's what I can find on the Club of Madrid LINK.
So have a nice trip home to Maria, and sweet dreams (of giant paintings) to Hanjo.
And thanks for the words of encouragement, it's all due to you artists who provide whatever interest exists here, so many thanks especially to those who return to comment on their own works, and on those of their fellow artists.

2013-02-07 17:29

Hey guys! Well, yes! After fast thinking we both decided that there is no place like HOME. So, after a few years' journey out in the open sea, it is high time we gathered back around the fire to tell our stories and adventures. (Did I mention I had to go through a snow storm to get to Hanjo's studio?)

I have been told there are some new, exciting features in the Studio Log which I will soon set myself to discover.

By the way, too bad I didn't shoot any photos of me and our dear Elena Habicher in Zurich...


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