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Hanjo Schmidt
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"Gehäuse" in Front of Blue
acrylic on canvas
h.230cm w.190cm d.6cm
Mar 2013

Hanjo's Description: A man's head with closed eyes and closed mouth.

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2013-03-02 15:52

Gehäuse, a housing, a core, an enclosure, a shell, a casing. Seen this way the head, the skull, whose outside is the face, is the most important house and home of the self. And this shell, this core, represents more than anything the mystery of the self. More than the communicating mode of the open eyes, the open mouth, the open face with its mimic.

In German we call a very difficult question, a poser or stumper, a hard nut, not easy or even impossible to crack. There is no way to find out or get an answer. So in front of such head, closed as a shell, we have to be silent for it becomes mere guessing to speculate about what goes on inside.

The pondering on what goes on inside this case started years ago with looking at my mothers face, with not finding any answer. Alzheimer's had sealed this precious housing and thrown the key away. So in the end it needed my painting her face to at least coming a little bit closer. Without knowing though but with feeling and scenting.

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