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Hanjo Schmidt
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acrylics on canvas
h.180cm w.120cm d.0cm
Mar 2006

Hanjo's Description: from the series Faces, just to show the dimension

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2006-05-23 05:00

Pondering over my feelings about your paintings, I think I understand why I've been so touched.It's about the naked body...The way you paint nudes...I've always been attracted by nudity either in a sexual meaning or death, (especialy piles of dead bodies in nazi's concentration camps -my father's experience, lots of tales and black and white pictures, included my own phantasmic, morbid ones- and always stayed away from that, like if it was verbotten or useless to show my struggle with flesh, dead or alive.
Your "Friday's" series reconciled me with nudity, no sexual connotations or "reclining nudes" so over done, no torture, no death feelings, but life, movement and freedom!
Thank you Hanjo.

2007-05-07 01:56

It's very nice to see your work on the real size.

2007-09-12 22:55

you master texture, light and size. there is absolutely nothing to add, except that i wish i could get anywhere near to what you achieve in terms of texture, light and size ...

2008-01-08 18:52

I think this is an amazing painting. Inspiring.

2009-12-04 21:24

I found you on a link somewhere....the work is second to none, you give us all something to aspire too

2011-04-24 21:54

I enjoyed many of your works. The question occurred to me: Why are things so big?

2011-04-25 08:41

Well , earlier in my life I worked as an an architect. So for many years my drawing work only required small movements of my hands. All the lines not much longer than some centimetres, then adding some small numbers or words for explanation. This work had been very exiting and sometimes stressful but this never showed in the body. Looking at me from behind one could not see if I was drawing at all. I have always suffered from this contradiction: inner turmoil but outer calmness. Later I came to painting by chance and what attracted me most was that here, in the big format, suddenly the inner turmoil was accompanied by quick and mighty movements. The whole body was engaged in the process. And sometimes I even got near physical exhaustion. So this gave me an enormous satisfaction. Painting then was not only a thing invented in my brain and translated into one hand’s minute movements but a thing about me and containing me as a whole.

2011-04-25 09:14

Thank you very much from the description. Full and interesting answers you said. That is the question why our other figurative?
Ie all that you want from within your expression is summarized in the figurative?
Am I really love the colors in his paintings are used to cut. The beauty of the landscape figure.

Thank you

2011-04-26 12:21

عزیز زهرا،
اگر ش�
ا استفاده از برنا�
ه ترج�
را تنها بسیار کوتاه و بسیار ساده است
در غیر این صورت کار ن�
ی کند.

2011-04-26 14:55

hi Dear Hanjo

Thank you that I tried to write in Persian language. I've translated your sentences.

I actually wanted to know this very cheerful colors like red and orange and purple with what incentive is put on the figure?
Really; for your complete answer.


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