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JP Delaney
About this artwork
Oil on paper on metal wire structure
h.150cm w.160cm d.100cm
Sep 1994

JP's Description: This was the first in the series of objects having protruding parts.
It orignated from a journey in Sicily driving through the interior of the island, which is sparsely populated and pretty bleak. At the time, I didn't have a driving license, was driving a second-hand car that wasn't mine, and was travelling with a woman I wasn't married to, with our recently-born son at her breast.
On a road with minimal traffic I suddenly saw in the rear-mirror the flashing lights of a police car directly behind me following bumper-to-bumper. Luckily, after some moments of suspense, the car accelerated and sped past. Nevertheless, the initial shock of the police behind me, the aggressive intrusion of the image of the flashing lights remained, and became the central idea for this work.

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2008-07-18 15:56

John-Paul, I don’t quite understand why you have the opinion of producing ugly abstract art only. I mean this example for instance appears to be extraordinary yummy. A huge collection of chocolate blancmange with whiped cream, filled, unbroken, waiting for me to jump right in and feast on it. Just forget about Police and such things. No one will harm you. Reading the stories of how you came to such things always shows me how close to life your works are. And isn’t it a particular honourable task for an artist to depict real life? Well, don’t underestimate yourself my dear.

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