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Michele Shelton
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Faerie Thorns and Sacred Places
Color Pencil
h.104cm w.72cm d.5cm
Sep 2003

Michele's Description: Ireland's folklore of the Banshie inspired both a graphic and poetic metaphor speaking to the stages of a woman.

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2009-01-10 17:09

These images remind me of the celtic work of a well known Irish graphic artist called Jim Fitzpatrick. When I was around 15 years old, I was sent to a boarding school (from which I was subsequently expelled), and there in my disgruntledness I began to consider the possibility of a career in the visual arts. Somehow I found out Fitzpatrick's address and wrote him a letter asking if I could come and visit (the enthusiasm to know the artist in his/her studio was with me even then). I remember him to have been a most gracious, if not bemused host. One detail that struck me was what appeared to be a copy of the Che Guevara image on his wall. It turned out not to be a copy, and that Fitzpatrick was the original designer of that famous poster. Even more odd was the fact that when he was a kid working during school holidays behind the bar in a pub in rural Ireland, who should step in one day but the man himself, Che Guevara. Apparantly Che's grandmother was from Galway in the west of Ireland.
There you go - how about that for a lot of useless information. Just viewing your artwork sparked off those old memories, and I couldn't resist writing them down. Thanks for posting your work.

2009-03-15 17:10

Jean Paul,

Apparently, I cannot walk away for a few minutes without the comment board erasing my comments. Okay, this means I must settle down and reply without any interruption.I wanted to thank you for your comments and for sharing your personal story reminiscing memories from your youth. I must tell you that Galway was the location I visited on Holiday, and where my inspiration was ignited to create Faerie thorns and Sacred Places.
I so respect the work of Jim Fitzpatrick and have a passion for patterned blocks of color and line to form a visual story, similar to his style.

His work feels more polished and poster-like, while my work is extremely organic. It seems my process is a bit boring...I start out with a more realistic piece of work, and end up creating this visual soup,if you will...this gobbly goop of mis-mashed color and unrelated organic lines which seem to create somewhat of an unusual, yet interesting blend of objects that hopefully tell a story.

I have worked with a variety of paper, but like vellum the best. A lot of that has to do with how the pencil feels flowing across the rough surface of the paper, not to mention once burned the paper exhibits very interesting patterns.

I am starting work on another soon and would like to try my hand at telling a story told by my Irish grandparentswho came to the states and farmed land in Minnesota. Although I don't want to discount my Italian heritage either,so I will see what I come with...perhaps I'll combine both.


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