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merlin keating
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dead horse 2
digital photography
h.15cm w.10cm d.4cm
Nov 2006

merlin's Description: my interest in death.

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2007-11-20 17:08

please will someone rate and review my work??!!

2007-11-21 19:46

Your photographs are really interesting but your painting images are of such low definition that it is almost impossible to view them. Why don't you try to upload larger files?

2007-11-21 22:51

Hello Merlin... I'm interested in the fact that an artist demands a response to his work ("demands" being the operative word in this case). I feel that such a stance is completely justified. One reason being that though the artist more that likely will be ignored by the general public, we as artists should really feel obliged to activate some degree of communication with our fellow-in-arms (this activity is a battle after all, no?).
In my opinion, art process artists especially should be much more vocal and outspoken in this respect. After all, it's only we artists who bother to stop the ten seconds or so to view the front page images of this unattractive site, and read a text or two. Nobody important will ever show up here - so guys, I encourage you to speak your mind, say it as you feel it is, and you'll be bound to get some response that'll stimulate. After all, isn't that why we need to speak between us? - we need stimulation.

Passing on to Merlin's work, I'm very interested in the ondulating wavelike form and rich colour that tends to excess in the work (whether painting or photograph). Looking at the small body of examples shown, as in many other artist's work here, I see a familiar struggle towards forging a unique, personal visual language. We're all there, at that point. Now just what is it that sparks an artist to jump out of the usual, solitary, mundane daubing and introspection, to flip our expections, and give us a shock of the new, with a body of work that just blows us apart? - I'd love to know. I think we have to want to go there. What it takes is extemely personal to the individual artist, but will succeed in communicating because of it's univerability of treatment. Come on artists, up the ante.

2007-11-22 18:33

Well spoken JP however it's very nearly impossible for an individual artist to give an opinion on everything thing he/she sees. We always have an opinion but as so often happens, and you see this quite often in juried competitions, we are prejudiced in our likes and dislikes. There are many approaches to the making of art and we will always be attracted to art stemming from historical threads that we ourselves have chosen. One tries to stay open to all possibilities but sometimes, without denying the validity of the art or artists it's just not of interest or understandable universally even to fellow artists. When demanded for an opinion (a difficult and uncomfortable spot for anyone to be in) isn't it better to simply say "sorry I can't make comment, this is out of my area of knowledge" than giving an outright thumbs down or making some innocuous comment ?
In the instance of this site it's just easier to say nothing. I agree you should try as hard as possible to see and make connection and make comment if there's even the slightest understanding and you can say something relevant but it's just can't happen on demand.

2007-11-22 22:01

2007-11-22 22:03

> many thanks for your comments.
> in some ways i agree with your comments,but if as
> artists we do not
> communicate, how can we grow ,find new concepts and
> ideas? i think its good
> to comment and review, also expess opinion. people
> should learn to not be
> hurt by comment but to except individual opinion and
> embrace it and use it
> for learning and for growth.
> after seeing that people have comments and opinions
> it inspires me to write
> paint and photograph. why? to push peoples
> buttons,make them feel, good,
> bad, happy or sad.whatever!
> i feel this is a fundamental reason to be an artist.
> many thanks,
> kind regards,
> merlin.

2007-11-22 22:10

thanyou all for your comments.

2007-11-22 22:16

the fact that i asked for a review, in itself sparked off many comments,thoughts and ideas. great.

2007-11-22 23:17

I agree fully with what you've said above Merlin in response to my comment and I especially agree with your last comment and I commend you for sticking your neck out and asking, audaciously for a review, it takes guts, I bet you had a slight queasy feeling in your stomach when you did it. And that is great because that's the the feeling you should have when you make art... not safe but uncomfortable, is this shit or art, you're not sure but you throw yourself to the wind and if you're a fool at least you're a holy fool!
I've reviewed your portfolio once again and unlike Karen who senses a difference between the paintings and photographs (I'm referring to her comment on your painting "Pink") I see them as very interconnected, I guess that's what bothers me, "digital photography, computer imagery" it depresses me. Please forgive my prejudice, in time maybe I'll see it differently. I do agree with her (and maybe I'm just a fan of the human hand and paint) about the paintings having a greater sense of urgency and aggressiveness (my words). I do admire that.

2007-11-22 23:36

I can perfectly comprehend the need of an artist to hear comments on his work. On the other vhand, I cannot but share Hillel's view.
So, Merlin, honestly, I must tell you this: i personally, being a figurative painter, can tell you your photographs could lead you someplace where emotion is present. I donnot understand though how your painting connects to your photos. That is outside my competence.


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