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Anne Duffy
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The Shore of Memory
oil on board
h.76cm w.102cm d.0cm
Jan 2006

Anne's Description: chidhood holidays. remembrance of family

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2008-02-23 20:44

i can relate to this painting it seems kind of sad to me in its umbiguity nice positive -negative shapes

2008-02-23 21:39

I was sad when I painted it as my brother had died. I am the only person in the picture left. I could not paint their faces for emotional reasons.
Composition-wise, I had difficulty with the kite, and it still bugs me.

2008-02-24 10:19

i can understand how you feel as i lost my sister who was my best model after she was gone for 2 years itried to paint portraits of her now that ilook at them ican see they weren't any good

2008-02-24 19:14

Maybe you think they are not good technically but I imagine they have a presence far more powerful than a photograph.

2008-02-25 20:03

I feel a little out of place making a comment here, as apparently you share an emotional experience I don't, but I would like to say this:

There is nothing wrong with the kite. Absolutely not. Actually, it is an element that draws a diagonal line starting from the man's shoe and moving beyond the horizon (if you see it three-dimensionally) or the upper left part of the painting (two dimensionally speaking), drawing the attention to an imaginary vertical axes which divides the two figures on the left, and which is parallel to another vertical axes dividing the two figures on the foreground (or another drawn by the man’s leg and the dripping above it). Both axes are almost equally distanced from the edges of the painting. It is such a “by the book” composition, everything is balanced so perfectly that it makes you feel some kind of metaphysical stillness and silence.

At a second glance though, there is again the kite’s string. I hadn’t noticed that the fist time I saw this painting of yours, which by the way is my favourite. This string makes the wind blow in the picture. It is the only line which is not a straight perspective axes. It goes around in a spiral rout. It contrasts with the stillness and becomes complementary to the fact that there are figures without faces and a figure with a face.

So, everything comes to place and you suddenly know why this perfect balance was necessary and what the wind and the stillness are all about.

2008-02-26 19:46

wow! I never realised all that but you are right. It was all done on instinct but now I see what you mean. The difficulty I had with the kite was not it's position but the size and the colour. These changed many times, never really to my satisfaction.


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