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khairy hirzalla
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other city
Acrylic on canvas
h.150cm w.200cm d.0cm
Feb 2007

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kawthar zatar

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2008-02-02 20:22

nice, i like it

2008-02-02 21:09

I see a depiction of an event in many of your works. They appear like stage settings after the main actor has exited.
Do they contain a narrative? I would be interested if you'd write a bit about this work for example. What's going on here, and how is the title "Other city" relevant? Thanks.

2008-02-04 22:08

Dear john Paul
My work is somewhere between reality and abstract. I found reality is boring, so I decided to paint in that area. I think this style convey my feelings to people smoothly and stimulate questions. I don't explain my works I leave it to the viewers but
I have my own vision and I can explain any works which basically rely on a certain idea.Speaking about the painting "the other city" it's the city inside me which was taken away from me it's the city of past or presence or future. It could be a city in the sky or in another world. may be it is T. S. Eliot wounded earth or Achilles' city.
the blood around us.
In brief it is our Arab cities which suffer from invasion and from civilizations conflict. I think the civilizations don't make conflict the conflict in our mind.
This environment gives the artist his or her topics. Our sorrows and sufferings are different than yours.
P.S. I wish if you leave more space to the artist to talk about his artistic vision and Statement It's a unique website which could relate artists all over the world. And it could be the center of artistic organization which enrich the cultural dialogue and enhance the spirit of peace and beauty in all of this world
khairy hirzalla

2008-02-06 15:15

hello my friend Kahiray .. thanks for inviting me here to discover this website.. i second my openion with John Paul its a strong painting and representing most of people feelings wich is the lost city inside us.. or the place wich we r still searching for.. and iam sure we will never find it.. because if we found it we will never paint again.. many regards


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