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Tom Fitzgerald
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Leaf Litany
Bronze, water
h.800cm w.400cm d.400cm
Sep 1998

Tom's Description: A sculpture commissioned by the University of Limerick.
It consists of a tree-like form constructed from leaves emerging from a circular pool.

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2008-02-10 18:38

Sorry Tom, but you can't just add this one like it was some piece you tossed off last weekend. It's obviously a major statement in an artist's life's work. So first thing, I'd very much want to see close-up's to explore the detail of what you made.
Secondly, how on earth was it constructed? Were you physically there assembling bit-by-bit, or the actual making of the sitework was managed by the university?
Thirdly, the poetry - tell us please about the motivation and ideas behind it.
Also for such a major enterprise, you must have some interesting anecdotes to recount about the process of it's coming into being - the dealings with the commissioner, the casting, transport, assembly etc.
And finally, the reaction - were you happy with the realized work? was it what you expected it to be? what do the students say about it?
Sorry to be such a pain-in-the.. with my questions but we don't often get to see artworks of this magnitude here. Many thanks.

2008-02-10 19:54

Thanks for your interest, John-Paul.
I've just joined Art Process (a brilliant site-congratulations) and I'm cross-eyed from manipulating images down to the right size and all that Photoshop stuff so I have to recover before answering your questions. I might do a studio log if I can find all the shots I took at the time. Tom

2008-02-10 20:42

Mmm... this work as a studio log would be just wonderful.
Sorry about the need for reducing images - however a low resolution setting of 640 x 480 pixels (or similar) on your digital camera is just fine for the web. Otherwise, reduce the image with your image editing software to about 600 pixels wide, and save it as a jpg/jpeg at 85% quality. That usually works well for me. And yes, it sure does make for cross-eyed complaints.
One reflection I'd like to add is that I'm quite used to artists asking me to remove all traces of their work from the site as now they've a gallery/dealer who wants sole ownership of reproduction rights of their art. This I (happy for them) do, and wish them well and success with their future career.
In this case however, you're obviously a well-established, and celebrated artist, and not in need of showing your work with artprocess. I'm honoured by your decision to reverse the trend of disappearing "success" by registering, fiddling about with photoshop for our benefit, and demonstrating that generosity of spirit (that I want to believe is the sign of a true artist) to communicate with your fellow practitioners, irrespective of notions of consolidating a career (whatever that means).


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