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JP Delaney
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Installation detail
Oil on wall
h.220cm w.1300cm d.0cm
Aug 1987

JP's Description: Being careful to maintain the privacy of the studio where I work has always been a priority. I wanted to challenge this 'secrecy' however and, on the invitation of the Wexford Art Centre, decided to turn the gallery into my studio for a month.
I used the walls as my canvas and people came in walking around the space as I painted. It was a challenge to my usual method of silence and solitude but an interesting exercise.
At the same time, a festival of dance was taking place in the building so movement was the activity of the moment.
At the end of the month's work, we held a one-night show 'closing' (with readings by a bunch of poet friends).
The next day the oil paint on the walls was scraped away and the surface repainted white.

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2007-11-19 22:05

It looks stunning John-Paul. How could you bear to have your creation wiped out? I'm interested in the "story." I've done residencies in public galleries and didn't mind the public at all but when I did an "open studios" week a few years later I hated it! I felt my creative space had been violated. Since then I've never let people into my studio but I have borrowed a venue for a similar thing. The difference is in going out to the public and having them come in to you. But in either case I don't like artwork being destroyed.

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