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fotini hamidieli
About this artwork
a portrait
mixed media
h.45cm w.40cm d.0cm
Jul 2009

fotini's Description: I am looking at faces again

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2009-05-27 20:09

In November in my exhibition a social science proffesor looking at my work commented that my figures seem like females who are trapped in a closed environment,a provincial environment.The comment bothered me a lot ,perhaps he hit too close to home.I don't feel comfortable when people associate my work with me personally, my life,and it is done quite often.I wish they would just look at what I am doing to make up the image.When I am reminded what a great impact our surroundings have on our work it is at the same time frightening and enchanting.Anyway that comment must have been working inside my head as I find myself interested once again in the expression on women's faces

2009-05-29 07:28

Fotini, what would our work be if it didn't reflect ourselves? Where would everything come from if not from personal experience? Even when we illude ourselves that all we think about is form and paint and such. These are only the means to get to expression. I think that if this person got access to deep thoughts of yours through your work you should feel proud of your work's quality.

2009-05-30 18:49

Ofcourse any time my work evokes a reaction from the viewer I feel satisfied that I was able to communicate.Even more so when other women see themselves in my work.Just today I run into a friend whom I had lost for two years and she confided that she had sunk into dark depths but in that journey she had a painting of mine, she had bought a very short time before this darkness.The painting depicts a woman who has let herself go ,very passive but serene at the same time.This painting my friend looked at all the time she was going through the rough period ,and she thought of me.I know exactly where she has been and glad to have accompanied her in a way.
When strangers look at our work sometimes they are able to see through some things and they can touch painful areas.


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