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Tony Mac Cárthaigh
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" a Painted Girl moves into No.9 "
oil on canvas
h.100cm w.100cm d.0cm
Oct 2009

Tony's Description: ..for anyone whose interested this is a more worked on piece than that previously posted.

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2009-11-11 19:30

I'm interested. I like the cactus and the radiator in the background. I like it as the painting on the wall seems to be more in focus than "a Painted Girl...", (and that one doesn't even appear in your portfolio). I like the fact that it's obviously a painter's place, confusedly come into being, a bit like - hopefully artprocess could become one day. Here I feel you're allowing me to see how things for you really are, and it's not a business proposition of selling me the dream. That I do appreciate.
Reaching beyond, a painted girl and other works in a similar pictorial vein are intriguing as you appear to enter into your own personal language, developing and refining a visual syntax of ever more abstracted figurative elements. You seem to incorporate found objects in the oil, and toss in shorthand visual cues like cartoon references. Really, about this whole process I'd love to hear you talk - what is it you think you're doing (we all find ourselves asking this basic question)? Why is this stuff so meaningful for you. When is the painting successful - when does it just go all wrong.
AP will only become interesting when the artist loses interest in her/his audience, and begins a mumbling monologue online. It's really then when the visual work and the ever-so-difficult verbal work will begin to compliment each and finally make some wretched sense.

2009-11-26 20:41

Ok John-Paul, then why not reconstruct this site a bit to make it more compatible with your notions, personally I'm all for it. Do away with the Artist Portfolios or at least limit them to 10 or 12 pieces, but the Studio Logs HAVE to be interactive because it's very unlikely that your desired mumbling online monolgues will ever occur, the history of AP so far has proved that. Conversation prodded by comments does remain a possibility.

However I've got to tell you that you're among the few people (or masochists) that actually want their work or process to be criticized or challenged in any way. I can recall many students from my art school days actually quitting on the spot if an instructor actually had the guts to say a wrong word. That said, once again I'm with you on this one, let the artist defend his / her position even though it may prove to be an impossibility, most artists having only some very slight glimmer of an an insight as to what it is that they're up to or what they're after. However you'll never know until this site is slightly revamped as I am suggesting. And even though it may lose most of it's members in the process so be it, test it out and put yourself out of your misery. While you're at it, how about that interview capability someone once spoke about?

Nice work Tony!

2009-11-27 11:49

Hello you two...i'm still in the room. Yes i have a scattergun approach to image making and half the time don't know what i'm at. For most creatives taking on board criticism is the last thing they want to hear esp' in the light of the prevailing truism which holds that anyone's vision is just as valid as...etc.

2009-11-27 21:36

Ok Tony, heard and noted, please go to the following link to pursue this discourse



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