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oil on canvas
h.100cm w.100cm d.0cm
Jul 2009

XXS's Description: The screen matches all sizes. So I find it is very useful to afford an image which will reveal the real size –if not texture- of the pictures shown, as other artists have made here.

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2010-02-27 21:26

I really do like this portrait and the one shown in the studio log. Well, my dear to be honest I tried a lot of texts on your work but dismissed them all. It’s too difficult for me or maybe I’m just too stupid. So please be patient and wait until I am in Madrid again. Then I will whisper into your ear how much I appreciate what you do.

2010-03-04 00:14

Thanks for your comment and sorry that I have not answered before. I have had a lot of things to do and little time to do them. Unfortunately the communication in English takes me some time, something terrible for someone as wordy as me. I promise to solve it.
But I would thank for your “promise of a comment”. I keep in mind your promise and I will demand a long and expert one. I think you are a master, like many people in this site think, and I'm sorry master, that implies some dues...

I appreciate it even more because I know you don´t use to express your opinion in terms of yes or not. In addition I feel myself in good company. Karen, a master of color in my opinion, knows how to make use of it with courage and sensitivity. Higgins, who can make places and everyday situations with an atmosphere and a light that makes them strange: in “Mother and Son ”we know what the mother is saying to his son, but when we listen we don´t heard anything...

Also, your comment is especially welcome now. You do not know how hard is to painting in the context in which I move. Painting becomes a heroic task. A resistance. That make us strong and stubborn.
But occasionally is helpful to obtain support from those who understand that “painting is much much more than adding some paint to a canvas”.


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