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Valerie Brennan
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Unlikely geometries IV
acrylic on paper
h.70cm w.50cm d.0cm
Dec 2009

Valerie's Description: pop city

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JP Delaney

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2012-01-22 20:05

Interesting works Valerie. I'd love to learn a little more about them - what's your inspiration, a few sentences on how you settle on these forms and colour, and how you see them evolve. I'm furthermore enthused to see your interest in other artists' working process as described in your blog site Studio Critical: LINK. Great initiative - important for artists to be open to what others are up to, and help out with exposure. Looks like you're moving along in the business too - that's a rarity around these parts, and very encouraging. Best wishes for continued success with your career.

2012-01-25 00:07

Thanks for your reply over at LINK. So this series is inspired by your nomadic city-to-city wanderings, all works acrylic on paper to allow for immediate transformation of hotel room to studio space. I notice you don't much care to go into detail after that. Do you prefer not to comment on each individual piece, and allow the public to appraise the body of the full series?
How do you set out to look for "unlikely geometries" as you call them, and what does that mean?
Could I persuade you to say a few words on the work above (Unlikely Geometries IV)? It's a bold colour piece - you've given it the tiniest of descriptions; 'pop city'. I'm curious to know how it originated, if the completed picture is different from how you visualized it at the start, and what events, if any, were determinant in it's evolution.


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