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oil on canvas
h.89cm w.89cm d.0cm
Feb 2010

XXS's Description: PRT.04

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2010-03-07 04:08

whow, I’m impressed. Here’s something new emerging.

I always feel awkward when have to talk about painting in technical terms. Somehow I have the feeling that one cannot really put in cold words only what happens during the process of painting. Like it isn’t possible to catch sexual feelings with mere medical descriptions or the joy of eating delicious food with the vocabulary of the cuisine. When it comes to painting I get lost in feelings that have to do with pain or lust or something inbetween rather than drawing and painting.

The atmosphere during painting for me seems to be more similar to trying to get the shape, the consistence and scent of a lover’s body in the dark than of any kind of analysis. So thinking seems to take place in the eyes, hands and nose or say the bellybutton instead of the brain. Even though all this is guided by the brain or takes place in the brain of course but in such a moment this scientific knowledge seems to be mere theory.

2010-03-07 17:54

I totally agree with you. In fact, Lord Chandos's disease has been my own illness. It's the old pyrrhonic ἀφασία.

When I had read your comment I have remembered a wonderful little text, “The Lord Chandos´ Letter” by Hugo von Hofmannsthal - I guess you know it well. A young poet tries to explain to an old Lord Francis Bacon (Shakespeare himself perhaps) the reason why he has stopped writing poetry: "Abstract words, of which according to nature, the language has to make use to express any opinion, melt in my mouth like moldy mushrooms”.
I think is the same that Wittgenstein´s sentence: “Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber man muss schweigen”.

However when we try to put into words what actually is ineffable and untranslatable, we create a new field of sensations and pleasures, perhaps mentally, but no less enjoyable.

I hope we will talk about it in Madrid.


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