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karen kruse
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acrylic on canvas
h.100cm w.81cm d.2cm
Jul 2011

karen's Description: This is the painting I was talking about.

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2011-12-03 05:34

Karen, I am most comfortable with this piece when I see only the bottom third, that is, in this fragment alone you are closest to realizing your intentions. I greatly enjoy your masterful way with brush and palette. For your nudes, when you strip away clothing to force your subject to present naked, so must you ask the landscape to present without illusion, without vanishing point or rendering. Forgive me, Karen, if I speak too boldly, but if I can convert one person to 'pure abstract' painting, then I am allowed to quit!

2011-12-06 14:55

Well, Arnold thanks for your comment anyway. I am painting at the moment two images that have no vanishing point, no houses in the horizon, just a bit of spatial information, enough to let the viewer know what the painting is about. They are a freer look into this immense game of reflections and transparencies water has, which makes them apparently more abstract, but it is not probable that I end up painting abstract images.
I think that my nature makes me firmly attached to reality, and letting it go completely is not in my plans. But one never really knows, and if time has showed me something it is that one mustn’t be closed to anything, so who knows?
If I can tell you the truth , I don’t understand this interest in “converting” (if I can use a religious term, for it seems a religious attitude) someone into your “Abstract” faith. Why? Would it make me a better artist to cut the painting and leave it only with color strokes? If the artist is honest with himself and paints as his inner self asks him to, isn’t this much more important than adjusting to what the exterior trends ask of him? What makes you feel so sure that an artist should be abstract to really be one? I have a close example of someone who puts her imprint in whatever she does be it abstract or figurative, her soul is in whatever she touches, you can read it, you can almost hear it, it doesn’t matter in which style or form she manifests her art, it’s there. The atmosphere she creates appears in the images of death or in those of silent abstract color compositions. Of course one has to have something inside. She happens to be my sister you can take a look at her work in this link LINK
I think that one should only create, in one way or another but do it honestly and whatever one has inside will come out. Sometimes it’s worth it.

2011-12-07 04:36

As always, Karen, I am humbled by the passion of your writing about Painting.
I am paper to your fire.

2012-01-12 11:38

I can smell the sea!!!!


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