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fotini hamidieli
About this artwork
the woods
mixed media on paper
h.70cm w.50cm d.0cm
Apr 2012

fotini's Description: drawing.It is difficult for me to talk about the content.I was just thinking of a black mass made up of lines,leading up to a point ,like a volcanoe.the face was not a first consideration,nor the trees or the color but at some point they ''had'' to be there

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JP Delaney

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2012-02-15 20:11

Fotini it's a beautiful and deeply sensitive work, however we need you to write more that just the word "Drawing" about the piece. Please consider yourself at an exhibition of your art, and a fellow artist whom you trust and admire asks you about this particular artwork. A response of it's a drawing is a little cold and offhand when it's obvious how much of your soul is present there. ArtProcess is really about discussion between artists. If you trust us with a lead into what drove you to arrive at this elegant and lyrical resolution, you would certainly get more feedback than the silence of it's a drawing. In doing so, you'll also be helping a lot with the ap project, as we sorely need artists like you willing to generate discussion with their peers. Many thanks, jp.

2012-02-16 06:40

you are right JP ,but for some works it is even more difficult to talk about

2012-02-17 01:14

Yo JP! Are you having fun there big fella? You've done a real sharp job of updating AP. It has a very clean and smart look and there are many nice changes, all graphically very tasty. And I also see that you've found the wherewithal to once again try to get all the mute artists blathering away (that was always the most frustrating thing for me). You must realize by now that it just ain't gonna happen. After all is said and done they are visual artists for a reason and beyond describing a work as a "drawing" I doubt there are words they could summon to describe the convoluted mental process that brings a work to fruition.

Nice work Fotini.

2012-02-17 22:57

When I ask all you artists to talk about your work, I don't mean write a thesis - leave that to the art historians in due time. Fotini graciously (despite my being a nuisance) modified the description for her work, and in a few extra words has succeeded in opening a door onto, what is basically the core meaning of this site, the process of how this piece came into being. I find it extremely interesting that the artist should begin with an abstract idea of "a black mass made up of lines, leading up to a point", and in it's execution then transforms into both a landscape and a portrait. From an initial potentially dour and hard idea, she has diffused the destruction of this volcano to vaporize into the elegant and airy self-conscious gaze of a confident young woman. The group of trees and figures add a nonchalance that is simply a touch of magic, and renders this (in my view) an important and successful work.

Many thanks to you Hillel for your kind comments on the site changes - I had begun to wonder if anyone would notice. Regarding your moot point of trying to extract the artist's convoluted mental process - this would be a highly-prized secondary motive, the primary one being to simply ask the artist to outline the precepts for the work and what causality occurred in arriving at it's completion. If Fontini rendered this in such few simple sentences, I don't think it's too much for me to ask, or beyond the capacity her fellow artists to follow suit.


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