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karen kruse
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Yo que creí que la luz era mía..
Acrylic on canvas
h.60cm w.60cm d.4cm
Aug 2012

karen's Description: Strange how the art work doesn't really show how the artist feels. If someone were to judge by this painting the general impression would be absolutely wrong. I guess I use Miguel's face as an excuse to fly within some limits. I know this face now very well, and nevertheless it still has this enigmatic question in his eyes that I cannot read, but that strikes me every time I look into it.

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Hanjo Schmidt

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2012-02-20 10:54

Thanks for your comment Jp and congratulations for the changes in the web from me too!
Well as I wrote in this other portrait, the effect the viewer gets when one paints, doesn’t necessarily coincide with the mood or intention of the painter. The two last portraits have made me ponder on this. Claudia’s painting has been done with a closer bond of course, but in no way more relaxed , for I was influenced by the fact that she had to see herself, find herself in it, in such a way that in the end the whole painting has a kind of constraint of colors and brushstrokes that make it look “more delicate” as you well say. It was not my intention, let alone a phase. In fact, this is the second painting, the first was completely covered. If the bond is too close the hand is not as free, and there is no closer bond than mother-daughter is it? (Or more difficult too).
A few days after painting Claudia, I was feeling a little low, overwhelmed with problems and tired, it was a Sunday, I had to go to the studio because one of my students couldn’t come any other day, so in spite of not feeling like it, I went, and decided to paint too as she worked . We worked in silence for 4 or 5 hours, I finished Miguel’s portrait. It was late and I went home.
The next day I saw the painting I couldn’t believe the energy that it had, and it even felt as positive energy!.
Claudia’s painting was done under a certain stress and it looks delicately relaxed, and Miguel’s painting while feeling very low and somehow all the energy I had lost was absorbed by the painting itself…. one can try to explain the paintings, but it is true that somehow they have a life of their own, isn’t it?

2012-02-29 11:15

Yeah, here it is! Did I say I love it? Well here I say it again and again. And it's much better than the one I have and that already was a very good one!
The funny thing is that I always imagine it as being about four square meters at least. So how do you manage to put such a powerful thing into only 0,36 square meters?
Miguel, yes, that's your Katja!


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