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karen kruse
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Acrylic on canvas
h.100cm w.81cm d.2cm
Feb 2013

karen's Description: A painters pause.

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JP Delaney

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2013-02-14 17:28

I didn't want this to disappear from the homepage so soon, so there's only one way to prevent that - by adding a comment. Other than the light, airy and relaxed ambiance of the sitter in sunlight, there's something of a pop-art feel to the colours with lots of simplified flat planes. Very fresh, with your touch getting lighter and more confident with each new painting. Another nice accomplished work Karen - my compliments. Hanjo will surely appreciate the sky blue in the subject's hair, that somehow works like a full-stop completing a sentence, bringing the painting to a restful conclusion.

2013-02-14 21:33

Thanks JP for your comment. I did wanted to focus on the light and not on the drawing or realistic effects of whatever appeared in the room. I was interested in the stimulating atmosphere the interaction of pure colors surrounding the painter can create. How strongly they can transport us to a magic summer-day evening, when you can almost “see” the air floating, time is slow, and the painting could be just what you wanted it to be.

2013-02-18 20:02

The very first thought, no, not even a thought, a reaction was: I WANT MY OLD STUDIO BACK ! ! ! My did I love that place with its sun in the summer and that mysterious, spirit lifting light coming through the blinds. Now my studio windows are oriented to the north. Yes, yes, I know, I know, the perfect light for a painter etc. etc. No friends, not at all. I have my special lighting with which I do all my paintings, in spring, summer, autumn and winter no matter if there is daytime or nighttime or whatever else. So let me alone with light from the north. I want sunlight, bright and warm sunlight, making its way through the blinds in summer and warming the soul in our long and cold winters. And then, as an addition, I want Karen to be in my studio to paint all these beautiful situations, with me in the picture or without, I don’t care. No, wrong, I care. It should be with me. For that guarantees that I’m there when she paints in my studio. And a studio with Karen I think is much much better than one without her, definitely, at least for to improve my Spanish.

2014-09-07 16:41

Well, I can't help but emphasise everything what I have said about the old studio as well as about Karen being there. And the longing is not fading, not at all but in the contrary.


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