Remember me on this computer
mariusz dydo
About this artwork
oil on canvas
h.105cm w.115cm d.0cm
Nov 2005

mariusz's Description: Series: www……pl
The series concerns human entanglement in the canons of auto creating notions, their iconographic power of transmission and their constant devaluation.
People are situated against the background of blue – the colour associated with the idea of peace, wisdom and gods. Cursor, as the icon of pop culture, is the fixed element of each painting and the only changing element is the composition of the figures on the blue surface.
Most of the figures are taken out of the paintings of the great masters of painting. When placed against the background evoking an immediate association with the screen of a computer the figures lose their previous iconographic meaning, becoming a part of new, unexpected possibilities for interpretation.
The infinite number of possible compositions is adequate to the possibilities offered to a computer user, where it’s enough to click an icon on the screen to open a number of icons and along with them – an infinite number of different worlds, each guarded by an icon in turn.

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