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Flavius Pisapia
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From Sunrise to Sunset
Stone, Wood
h.17cm w.8cm d.5cm
Jan 2016

Flavius's Description: Soap stone and oak.

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2016-01-28 07:49

From Sunrise to Sunset. For me, that title effectively transforms a hole into the disk of the sun, and the rock into the ether of the sky. It succeeds in providing an alternative, and surprising reading of this artwork, and makes me wonder why I didn't look at it like that, in reverse, beforehand? In modifying my perception, I seem to enjoy the piece so much the more.

2016-01-28 08:13

Thank you JP! In my process understanding comes after doing through observation and reflection on the pieces I make. The pieces in my portfolio got their name long after their completion date. I look at the piece and I ask what its meaning is, what is trying to express, then I live with these questions for a while. Eventually the answer comes to me like in a flash. I'm aware that I'm receiving the answers rather than thinking them myself.

2016-01-28 08:46

I do the same myself Flavius. Personally I don't think titles are very important but every now and then they do throw a different light on an artwork for the viewer, as in this case for me.
So what gets you started on beginning a new work? Does it happen when you have a new piece of stone or wood and the material simply suggests to you what to do, or does the completion of one suggest the next in the series?

2016-01-28 11:51

I find it useful to have different spaces for different things. So far I have a space for clay work and another studio for sculpture. My art process at the moment is to work first in clay and then make the sculpture from the clay models in either wood or stone.

When I work in clay I usually have a vague idea of what I'd like to explore, a feeling for how the surfaces might move and an urge to do it, to start. These things create a sort of creative mood which takes my awareness into my hands. The hands do the thinking through sensing, touch, doing, pressing, etc. I follow the lines and surfaces with my eyes too, but I find my hands do most of the work.

When I work in this way, I consciously hold back ideas, because experience has shown that the mind is not as connected to the thing I do with my hands as the hands are. This is also based on identifying the elements as they appear in the work and keeping a certain coherence by developing the existing elements without introducing random things into it, like the mind would like to do many a time.


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