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Neco's portfolio
Exhibitions/Events 2015 Privat Gallery Berlín.

Páleo Convention, Berlín

Consulado Alemán, Palma de Mallorca.

2014 Bibliothek Pablo Neruda, Berlín.

Bienal de Duoro 7º, Portugal.

2013 Galería Sa Tafona, Hotel La Residencia, Deià, Mallorca.

2012 Galería Sa Tafona, Hotel La Residencia, Deià, Mallorca.

Bienal de Duoro 6º, Portugal.

Bienal Santorini 1º, Grecia.

2011 Salon d’automne, section primitifs, París.

Galería Sa Tafona, Hotel La Residencia, Deià, Mallorca.

Monkdogz Art group, New York.


1968, First alone exhibit. Parque las Americas. Rotary Club. Villa Alemana. Chile
Galleries/Agents Art Privee. Berlin
Art Privee. Palma
Email Address necobeth[AT]
Address Santa Clara 7 A
07001 Palma de Mallorca.

Lychenerstr · 58
10437 Berlin
Nationality Chile
After finishing school in Chile, I moved to Paris where I studied Social Sciences and Etnology at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes.
Afterwards I travelled extensively and lived in different cities, showing my work in exhibitions as I moved along.
Date of birth 26.07.1951
Why make art? About Neco Beth
I was born in Chile 1951, as the third of five brothers. My family has always had a close relation to the sea. From very young I knew my life would be dedicated to art. I like to multiply formats and to use different techniques to rediscover - in my personal visual library - images of different expressions in the pre-history of men, mixing or superimposing them in different styles.
My investigation in creation is centred in the supporting materials and the colours that call my attention: ochres and oxide reds and also the different movements in modern art. My painting is ethnical and I am an artist to materialise my instincts.