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Exhibitions/Events Exhibitions :

2010 - Art Gallery Non Solo Antic, Savona, Italy
2009 - Art Gallery Indiana University of Kokomo, U.S.A.
2009 - International Festival of Art - Watumi, (BV), Romania
2009 - Gallery NH Savona Darsena, Savona, Italy
2008 - Open Studio db 5, Brasov, Romania
2007 - A.C.of the Academy for Art and Science American-Romanian
2007 - Open Studio db 4, Brasov, Romania
2007 - Art Gallery Transylvania University of Brasov, Romania
2006 - Open Studio db 3, Brasov, Romania
2005 - Open Studio db 2, Brasov, Romania
2004 - Open Studio db 1, Brasov, Romania
1996 - Art Gallery Sala Arta, Art Museum, Brasov, Romania
1990 - Gallery Ministry of Telecommunication, Tokio, Japan
1985 - Art Gallery Sala Arta, Art Museum, Brasov, Romania
1984 - Art Gallery Sala Arta, Art Museum, Brasov, Romania
1983 - Art Gallery Sala Arta, Art Museum, Brasov, Romania  

Profesional activity :

2009 - Artistic Projects : Poesia di Aldo Capasso sulla tela - P.G.A.P., Altare, (SV), Italy
2004 - 2008 Artistic Projects : Atelier db, Brasov, Romania
1991 - 1992 Drawing Artist - Writers’ Association Bucharest (Interval Review)
1989 - 1990 Sketcher - I.C.S.I.T.M.U.A. Bucharest, Romania
1985 - 1988 Restorer Black Church - Brasov, Romania

Publications ’’ Dan Brad is an original artist of the moment, with an international activity and great success to public and art critics. His art works can be found in art galleries from U.S.A. and Europe, in the collections of several institutions and private collectors around the world. He creates in art the Realism of Conception (2003), in a manner that brings a new dimension and ideological substance of representation to Abstract expressionism. The art lovers and collectors are in permanent contact with his artwork through: permanent exhibitions, artistic projects, personal and group exhibitions, since 1983. ’’

International Contemporary Artists, Vol. I
I.C.A. Publishing (2011), New York, USA

Galleries/Agents 2008, 2009 Represented by Agora Gallery, New York, U.S.A.
Email Address dan_brad_art[AT]
Address Brasov
Nationality Romania
EducationI was trained, during the years of study, in the academic painting. This did not determine me to hold myself upon the same coordinates. I have studied the abstract painting admirinng the abstract expresionist artists, especially being fascinated by Willem de Kooning’s artwork, finding myself in his manner of representation.

Willem de Kooning was influenced by Cubism, adding new elements, through abstraction, disposing of strength and colour, he created the Abstract expressionism. What I did, was to take it further, bringing to light the essential spirit - the beauty of divine creation, in a new manner of representation which I named it Realism of Conception.

I decompose the nature, things and emotions till abstraction, sometimes leaving a certain element on canvas or through title I offer a counterpoint to the viewer who will be able to walk the way back to real and playing a role in the act of creation, thus a fusion, between individual and the artwork, being accomplished.

The manner Realism of Conception open the fundamental nucleus of concrete elements which pulls in the light the spiritual beauty created in the beginning.
Date of birth
Why make art? To you, who love beauty my artwork is addressed, and I hope that your eyes and your souls will enjoy it, in aesthetic emotion and spiritual fullness, discover the new valences in the Abstract Art.