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Corbett's portfolio
Exhibitions/Events Human Being
Primo Piano LivinGallery
Lecce, Italy
May 20 – June 8, 2006

Every Sandplay
The Family
Tokyo, Japan
April 2, 2006

The Forth Dimension
Gallery 76
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
March 2006

Translucent Third Thoughts
Le Zinz Galerie
September 20 – October 20, 2005

What Art Show
Highwire Gallery
Philadelphia, PA
September 2005

Wild Spirit Fantasies
Keller And Greene Art Gallery
Los Angeles, CA
May 2004

Dead Man Listing Party
For The Show
Los Angeles, CA

First Fusion: Paintings, Video, and Writing
Silver Lake Society for Authentic Arts
Los Angeles, CA

Silver Lining Benefit/Rocking Retro with Fiona Apple
Kind Evolution and Wire Life
Los Angeles, CA

Lucinda Williams CD Listing Party
Los Angeles, CA

The Art Stable
Kind Evolution
Los Angeles, CA

Buck Jones Listing Party
Music Statue Montage
Dallas, Texas
Publications Downstairs Staircase
CORLAW Publications
July 2003

Email Address corbett[AT]
Nationality United States
Date of birth 09.01.1975
Why make art? The artist has a responsibility not for achieving a portent of one’s own ability, yet the artist has the responsibility of changing the world’s internecine lifestyle to a more complete and balanced altruistic environment.

For as you know the power of images and communicating those images is a marvelous invention capable of grandiose results. Adding the invented creations of my art and a belief upon the flux of a conscious state merging into a pure subconscious form we as individuals are nearing a point of freedom inside the complex system we all know… a place within a new dimension… the place of my paintings.

My conviction is that an observer is able to travel though my work and step into an infinite portal or time and space. From the depths of the primordial soup through the realms of our present time and into the remote universe, my work creates the existence we were never able to perceive… until now.