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Jacques's portfolio
Exhibitions/Events Member of:
International Association of Press Photographers, Inc. USA
Gallery S1 /Malmö - Sweden
Reclaim Photography Malmö - Sweden
Malmö Photo Marathon Malmö - Sweden
Pentaprism Photocommunity
National Geographic - Your Shot

Solo shows
2014 Fotogalleri © SEVED Malmö/Sweden Festi Vale
2013 Galleri Sagan Malmö/Sweden Mr C Gull
2013 Stay in the Light, Gallery Ocampo. Photo Biennial Malmö Sweden
2012 The Souls Labyrinth, Gallery Ocampo Malmö Sweden
2011 Construction work for Elin Strand Ruin ”My kitchen” Helsingborg/Sweden
2011 Construction work for Tea Mäkipää/Haldor Ufarsson. ”Atlantis”. Malmö Festival/Sweden 2011.
2011 Construction work for Magnus Wallin. ”Cylinder”.
2010 Photo exhibition “Selection” Åhus Sweden
2010 Assistant to Anne Thulin at The Wanås Foundation for her piece Double Dribble.
2009-2010 Assistant to Roxy Paine at The Wanås Foundation for his piece Facade/Billboard.
2007 Kristianstad Hospital Gallery Sweden
2007 Osby Art Gallery Swede
2006 Kristianstadsbladets 150 years Jubilee Sweden
2006 Gallery KUSH Brooklyn New York USA
2006 Assistant to Andrea Ray at Wanås Foundation for her piece “Solarium” Sweden
2005 Gallery Coffeshop. Hässleholm Sweden
2005 Gallery Magnus. Osby Sweden
2004 Gallery Futon. Malmö Sweden
2004 NB – Car park WV/AUDI/SKODA. Kristianstad Sweden
2004 The Old Paper Custom in Lessebo. Sweden
2004 IFÖ Industrial.Museum. Bromölla Sweden
2004 Wanås Foundation. Permanent exhibition of the Wanås history
2003 Gallery Elineborg. Rörum Sweden
2003 Gallery Art On. Göteborg Sweden
2000-2005 Easter Art Round - Gallery Sågmöllan. Gringelstad Sweden
1999 The Museum of Modern Art. Kristianstad Sweden
1998 Beijersdoorf . Kungsbacka Sweden
1998 Gallery Karibakka. Sölvesborg Sweden
1997 Miljö 2000. Kristianstad Sweden
1997 Gallery Gamla Bostället. Arkelstorp Sweden
1997 Kronomagasinet. Torsebro Sweden
1995 Yngeredsfors Art Association. Kungsbacka Sweden
1995 Kom i Konst. Kungsbacka Sweden
1996 Gallery The Poor Knight. Kristianstad Sweden
1996 Gallery FFF. Hörby Sweden
1996 Erlanders Art Association. Kungsbacka, Sweden
1995 Malaco Art Association. Malmö, Sweden
1995 Beijersdoorf Art Association. Kungsbacka, Sweden

Jacques Montel/Timo Engström,
2008 Pompeii Panem Gustas. Nominated for the best exhibition 2008th in Sweden.
Hässleholm Sweden

Pompeii Panem Gustas Link:

Selected Group Exhibitions
2007 Art ProcessTrapani Collective International Exhibition Sicily
2006 6 at YLLAN Kristianstad Sweden
2000 ”Millennium Tree” The city of Kristianstad Milleniumsculpture Arkelstorp Sweden
1999 ”Magic” MOMA . Kristianstad Sweden
1997-1998 Oak Sculpture “Miss Oak” by Acke Oldenburg / Jacques Montel Liljeholmsberget. Stockholm Sweden
My work as Set Designer/Assistant
2006 En fröjdefull jul. Bengt Larsson Jacques Montel HTF Theater. Hässleholm
2005 La Strada del Amore. Bengt Larsson Jacques Montel HTS Theater. Hässleholm
2004 Loshults Kuppen. Bengt Larsson Jacques Montel TFK Theater. Osby
2004 People in the Sun. Bengt Larsson Jacques Montel HTS Theater. Hässleholm
2002 Yngsjömörderskans sista resa. Mikael Cocke Jens Arben/ Theater Nostra. Yngsjö Jacques Montel
2001 Midsummer Night Dream. Ronny Danielsson Lars Östberg/ Jacques Montel Malmö
2001 Snörmakaren Lekholm. Tom Fjordefalk Carin Lind/ Theater Nostra. Yngsjö Jacques Montel
1999 Near the Eye. Anders Lindström Jacques Montel Theater Smedjan. Karlshamn
1998 Carmen. Billy Olsson A-M Hoel/ The Music Theater of Youth. Kristianstad Jacques Montel
1997 Kindertransport. Öjvind Andersen Acke Oldenburg/ New Skånska Theater Landskrona Jacques Montel
1997 Öjvind Andersen Acke Oldenburg New Skånska Theater. Jacques Montel Landskrona
1996 Ringaren i Notre Dame. Bengt Larsson Maria Persson/ The Music Theater of Youth. Jacques Montel Kristianstad
1996 StjärnTokern. Jan Bergman Jacques Montel The New Skånska Theater.
1995 The Poisson. Åke Jörnfalk Jacques Montel Kristianstads County Councils
1995 Doctor against his will. Rune Formare Jacques Montel Theater Ribban Malmö.
1994 Space Expo COSMOS. - Jacques Montel The Culture House of Kristianstad
1993 Experiment Expo. - Jacques Montel The Culture House of Kristianstad
1993 Thien Mhu. Lena Holmgren Jacques Montel The Culture House of Kristianstad
1986-89 Trade Fair Designer. - Jacques Montel Malmö Sweden
1986 New Year Show. Åke Jörnfalk Jacques Montel Theater 23. Malmö
1985 The diary of Anne Frank. Stefan Olsson Jacques Montel Theater 23. Malmö
1985 The Ugly Duckling. Stefan Olsson Jacques Montel Theater 23. Malmö
Email Address jmontel2[AT]
Address Jacques Montel
HOME: Rasmusgatan 14 E 214 46 Malmö SWEDEN
Phone: +46 (0) 734 17 76 17
Member of the Swedish Artist Association and BUS.
Member of: IAPP and CAMERAPIXO
Nationality France
Date of birth 15.03.1955
Why make art? BEHIND THE LENS

Born in Toulouse France 1955
Moved to Sweden 1960 and still living there.

Worked as Artist, Setdesigner (Theater), Exhibitiondesigner, Carpenter and Photographer.
My fashination for places that has been abandoned for difirent matter is still strong.
My show "The Souls Labyrinth" is an example of my work, and also Rest my Soil / Rest My Soul witch I am workin on right now.
To photograph peoples faces when they are not knowing about my presance and the fact that they are in focus is exiting.
Peoples relaxed faces outside the studio are so much more interessting then a studio portrait.
Even if I do that kind of photography to.
Pets becomes more and more common.
I have always said " never pets or kids" but I think I was fooling myself then.
Now I do both. And I LOVE it.
The interaction between the photographer and the model is so much more then just making a photography. Its about understanding, respect, trust and love. I am not taking a picture...I make them.
Jacques Montel