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expanding parameters as a painter its pretty difficult to get my work in the general view of the public- I mean ok, I can get an exhibition at a high street gallery - but thats just selling stuff that I've kept to long-But to show anything honest and real is more difficult- Uusally the galleries want images that'match' their clients- whatever the hell that means.- So it came as a refreshing that new idea from an Author fell into my lap-
First he wanted me to pain ...[GOTO]
Denis 2 03 Feb 13 15:23 GMT
Criticism and Honesty As an artist, you're constantly in the line of being criticized by others. You steel yourself to be prepared for the worst - it's simply part of the activity of what you do - taking the hit when it comes, but marching on regardless.
But what happens when it's you who becomes the critic? Isn't criticism a question of honesty, clarity, and courage? If so, how come there's so little of it here at ap?
Frequently we come across ...[GOTO]
JP 24 01 Mar 18 04:26 GMT
10000 Faces I've Never Seen Recently I had the pleasure of meeting another AP member in the flesh. Arnold Leventhal was in Toronto for a family occasion and we had the great delight of a visit by Arnold, his lovely wife and daughter. It turns out that Arnold's daughter Anna is an accomplished author and performing artist.

About two years ago she made a small radio broadcast piece for the CBC, our national radio service, the subject being her dad and his art. Knowi ...[GOTO]
Hillel 18 13 Jan 09 17:30 GMT
LA PITTURA NON E' MORTA di Mauro Di Girolamo
La pittura non è morta nè tanto meno sta morendo . Cari amici e colleghi, vi propongo questa discussione.
Mauro 1 23 Nov 08 19:23 GMT
Are software developers and computer programmers today's artists? "Does meaning change with process?" It was a question asked recently on one of the very many art sites. I thought I'd save my response and the question it provoked for my favourite site of art losers.

The easy creation of imagery with today's digital cameras combined with programs to manipulate those images have created a glut of pictorial matter that we are bombarded with whether we go looking for it or not. The making of art and image ...[GOTO]
Hillel 2 08 Oct 08 16:17 IST
fighting bitterness Well, it’s hard sometimes to keep high spirits. In such moments often a line from a poem by the Peruvian poet César Vallejo comes to my mind:

Hay golpes en la vida, tan fuertes ... yo no sé!
There are hits in life, so hard .. I do not understand!

He indeed had a very hard life and died of starvation in 1938 with being only 46. So compared with him I am a lucky guy. This sometimes helps not to become too bitter and filled wit ...[GOTO]
Hanjo 5 19 Jul 08 12:30 IST
This art bug you all have, is it nature or nurture? Well I can only talk for myself... it was certainly not something that was nurtured in the lower middle class background from which I sprung. There were no original paintings on the walls, yeah a few kitsch, framed prints from which I took endless enjoyment. Harbour scenes, wooded country lanes and the like... WOW! I loved them, the depth, the reality... how'd those folks do it? It was like magic to me. I could never get those effects with my cra ...[GOTO] Hillel 9 20 Mar 08 17:20 GMT
Congratulations TRAPANI Artists! I would like to congratulate all artists exhibiting in the ArtProcess TRAPANI Exhibition 2007! What a great showing. I commmend you on your commitment to the creative process.

Although I am not exhibiting this year (Perhaps in the future), I have taken time to explore the many artists forums showcasing their works in progress in preparation for the TRAPANI show. I was thrilled with the photo-journalism and written text describing each st ...[GOTO]
Michele 1 25 Jul 07 21:48 IST
What do you do and why do you do it? Hey artists, where's the passion? Why is this site so damn genteel? State your positions and be prepared to defend them. You took up this activity to express something. Maybe you went to art school (hopefully you got over it), maybe you're self taught (lucky you). The thing is it's something you have to learn on your own and spend your whole life learning but to what end? There's some faint glimmer of something in your mind and you go after it. W ...[GOTO] Hillel 24 18 Apr 08 12:21 IST
Key project for art process artists A Key which opens a door, a drawer, a diary…
a key we keep but we ignore what it opens
I'm asking you for one of your keys, it will be use together with the others to create an installation that will be exhibited in Trapani if you will decide to send me the key please add the following information:
What does it opens?
If you do not know it, please write what you would like it to open
What does it contain the plac ...[GOTO]
Sandra 3 20 Apr 07 22:12 IST
What's in it for you? Obviously not the money. There are easier ways to get rich.

I remember at the end of foundation year in artschool, each faculty gave a presentation so we could get a better idea of which to apply to. The fine art one was way the coolest. 3 or 4 people casually entered the room, in jeans, completely at ease, stepped up to the podium and said "we promise you nothing - no job at the end, no career to follow, no security, no direct ...[GOTO]
JP 4 02 Apr 08 22:42 IST
The power of words I don't know if this translates beyond someone who grew up in an Irish context, but it spoke directly to me:

JP 8 01 May 10 21:20 IST
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