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The spiritual in Art

The Nature and Origin of the Arts
By Rudolf Steiner, Ph.D.

Let us imagine a great snow-clad plain spread out before us and upon it here and there rivers and lakes hard frozen. The neighboring sea is mostly frozen over close to shore; further out huge floes are drifting; occasional stunted trees and bushes lift heads heavy with snow and icicles. It is evening. The sun has alre ...[GOTO]
Flavius 0 27 Jan 16 17:02 GMT
Places to exhibit There are not many places to exhibit, in this local area without having to join a art group. There are two but I decline to join as they do selection on the art work and no guarantee you will get your work in exhibition. It costs a lot to frame your work, and also the amount of hours spent on the work. There was a census for a gallery to be opened in the area, said it was not viable.

There was a group, the main problem is gett ...[GOTO]
Janet 0 22 Apr 13 15:00 IST
strange place looks like pretty dead here ...[GOTO]
wolfgang 0 31 May 12 10:49 IST
value of old paintings? I have two paintings that I came across while clearing out an old house, does anyone have any idea how I can find out how much they are worth? ...[GOTO] . 0 15 Jul 09 09:50 IST
Incubation Incubation

As some of you know, Karen and I had a show in September. While sitting there at the gallery, looking at my work exposed, every day, for hours, the distance between me and the paintings grew bigger each day. Until I felt I had left them behind. New images of potential paintings started forming themselves and I took up sketching them on scrap paper, feeling so eager to start the new work. They would be bright paintings, with li ...[GOTO]
Maria 1 28 Dec 08 17:23 GMT
Reviews, critiques, thoughts and observations. FRANCIS BACON

The last museum exhibition I saw worth talking about was "Francis Bacon / Paintings From The 1950s" at the Albright Knox Gallery in Buffalo, New York. Buffalo is only about an hour and a half drive from Toronto and naturally I only got there on the very last day of the show, July 29th, '07. There was quite a lot of work, mostly from the Sainsbury collection, thirteen paintings in all. The Sainsburys were early supporters of ...[GOTO]
Hillel 55 17 Jul 09 19:47 IST
Is There a Free Lunch For Artists? And other Stories The phone rang, I picked it up "Hillaiiillll?", it was my friend Sean. "Whatsup man?" I asked. He replied. "We're invited out for lunch so meet me at my studio at 12:30." When I asked him what the occasion was, he answered, "Rosie Myer wants to arrange a show for us in New York and also do a piece about the group in her magazine. We're supposed to meet at The Sweet Vidalia." Ms Meyer had been publisher and editor of The Canadian Art Rag for going ...[GOTO] Hillel 29 20 Sep 09 12:38 IST
How does spirituality, politics, technology, economics etc., play a role in who we are as artists? Thought I would just open the floor with some important questions about artists in today's day and age. As in every really great cafe a dialectic should be embraced over a good cup of tea or whatever. ...[GOTO] Abby 0 14 Mar 08 24:08 GMT
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