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La Biennale di Firenze Cari amici, sono stata apena invitata a pertecipare alla Biennale di Firenze. IL fatto che pero e' a pagamento mi lascia dei dubbi sulla qualita' e soprattutto sulla autorevolezza della manifestazione. So che alcuni membri Italiani di ArtProcess hanno partecipato in passato, e prima di andare in cerca di sponsor, vorrei chiedere della vostra esperienza di questa Biennale. Grazie.

Dear friends, I have recently been invited to partici ...[GOTO]
Maria 0 15 Jun 09 09:06 IST
Art is Not for Everyone: Everything is Not Art Just over a year ago, my wife and I had the opportunity to attend the Sotheby's Impressonist and Modern Sale in New York. the evening sale was a crush, we managed to squeeze in at the back near the phalanx of film cameras, standing room. Way up front, Sotheby's premier auctioneer on his high podium, beside him a huge turntable dramatically revealing each work in succession, and all flanked by two giant screens showing artwork image and instant do ...[GOTO] Arnold 2 20 Aug 13 13:43 IST
Advise! Looking at moving to Spain. I've no Spannish so I'm looking to pick it up over there. And how easy is it o find good cheap studio? ...[GOTO] Brian 1 18 Jun 08 12:41 IST
Le sculture di Gian Genta IN ASTA ad ARTEMODERNA Dal 20/05/2008 al 03/07/2008
Le sculture di Gian Genta IN ASTA ad ARTEMODERNA

ESPOSIZIONE dal 15/06/08 AL 30/06/08
TEL. 030.3752672 FAX +030.3752683

ASTA N° 6 03/07/08 ORE 20.00

genta 0 24 May 08 18:06 IST
Copyright Hi
We are all aware, to one extent or another, of the meaning of copyright. Most artists do not know how to protect it and have a vague idea that it is something that they always have and that no one can take it away from them.

Unfortunately this is not true. At the moment in the USA, under the Bush administration, there is a new law which congress is trying to introduce. It gives anyone who finds a piece of art, even if it is signe ...[GOTO]
Tom 8 17 Jun 08 23:34 IST
Call for artists Printed exhibition I'm pleased to introduce you to ArtSEEN PLUS an art guide, a platform where galleries and artists can propose their exhibitions, their work, or why not, do their work in! An "exhibition" in print, a format that is timeless.
ArtSEEN PLUS is distributed FREE to the public, through an extensive network: art galleries, book shops, and art supply stores, all over Italy, as well as in the USA, France, Switzerland , Germany, Spain and the UK.
Sandra 0 06 Apr 07 08:44 IST
Search for an Opening I seem to remember whenever an exhibition opening occurred, other than the viewing of the work, it was also that time when artists would leave their own studios and gather to meet as a group, to give their viewpoint on their colleague's show, to discuss their own work with fellow artists, to bitch, gossip, seek advice, argue - basically, a social occasion for those who would normally shy away from collective events, preferring to spend their time ...[GOTO] JP 9 16 Mar 07 10:25 GMT
Seeking New Artists Artery Gallery are based in St Andrews, Fife and Crieff, Perthshire, two of Scotalnds prime tourist towns. We are currently seeking new and exciting artists of all mediums. Please visit our website for more information about ourselves and feel free to get in touch if you would like to exhibit your works at an art gallery that aims to break down barriers.

Scott. ...[GOTO]
scott 2 16 Aug 08 13:38 IST
bad experiences Ok, I'm Tommaso, I feel to write down this experience I had. About two and a half months ago I was invited by a gallerist to Venice, I could stay in his beautiful house for a month to paint. This guy was not there, he was in NY trying to open a gallery over there. I obviously went to Venice and spent a month painting. It was three artists together. Spent a really nice time. While I was there the NY guy asked me to make a website for his new galle ...[GOTO] Tommaso 7 12 Mar 08 22:46 GMT
new city new life.... ok so i'm thinking of moving away...
maybe edinburgh?
have you any advice in terms of getting into galleries and setting myself up in a professional capacity? ...[GOTO]
. 7 01 Jun 08 23:27 IST
pricing paintings? i've been quite confused lately about what to charge for my paintings... i have never sold a painting before and at the minute i am working on two commissions... i have avoided talking money with the two buyers, as i really don't know what to say.... i asked the owners of a gallery i frequent for a general guideline, and they told me it was a personal matter between them and the artist and they couldn't possibly discuss it with me. i am very prec ...[GOTO] . 3 09 May 07 21:52 IST
Art Business - A contradiction in terms? "Career, critics, glossy magazines, commercial galleries, art market bonanzas of the few.. is an alternative possible?"

A couple of things have always bothered me. 1) The cliched image of the artist; misunderstood revolutionary, emotional arrogant genius etc., etc. - but when it comes to the career and business side - a change comes over him/her and s/he becomes the docile wannabee art starlet. Am I forcing the issue by saying that ...[GOTO]
JP 5 30 Apr 08 11:29 IST
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