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New to Arts Forum I am new to Arts Forum, what a great way to show off your art work. You also get to see other artists work, find out what is happening out their. Also a lot of different competitions to get your work known. Hope people will take the time to comment on my work, so I will know how I am getting on. That's the hard bit, people looking but not commenting. ...[GOTO]
Janet 1 11 Aug 12 14:54 IST
Orphan Works Bill This is something we can all get behind as a community of artist's.


"Please take 10 mins to read this piece so you can really understand how this law is going to affect us. This is not just about professionals. will cover amateurs, hobbyists, your grandmother' s hand made quilts...even family photos posted on the internet will be fair game to be "orph ...[GOTO]
Abby 0 02 Jun 08 18:59 IST
The return of paintings! Hi
So, i have been at Mailbox today and will go there tomorrow to.
This is the works i have bring to mailbox for delivery.
Margie Glass - 3 paintings
Sheila Brown - 2 paintings
Alida Bertinotti - 2 paintings

Mrs Alida Abita at Mailbox will contact every one of you to give you the price before she send anything, and she will do so for everyone of you who want your works send by Mailbox.
So for you who doesnt ...[GOTO]
Jacques 9 18 Sep 07 15:55 IST
The 2008 plan Domani cerchero’ di scrivere anche la traduzione in Italiano. Portate pazienza ...

Since most of us seem to be more than willing to go on with the ArtProcess international meetings-shows, it might be wise to decide first on the inside procedure. Given the fact that every year we will have a different hosting city, it is understood that it is not possible for the same people to organize it, since physical presence of at least some of ...[GOTO]
Maria 0 11 Aug 07 16:56 IST
I miei risultati dopo Trapani ArtProcess
da dialogo virtuale a dialogo fisico.

il website creato da JP Delany ha acquisito una particolare attenzione appena si e' rivelato capace di produrre una mostra "fisica" come pensato da JP su suggerimento di Antonio Sammartano a Trapani.
Questa possibilita' e' stata presa da molti sul sito con entusiasmo per questo o quel motivo, e ci sono state adesioni anche da molto lontano.
Trovandomi proprio ...[GOTO]
eli 48 17 Oct 07 19:55 IST
What art community? They've all become half-ass programmers! Where're the artists? ...[GOTO] JP 32 06 Nov 09 15:49 GMT
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