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The Art Process
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New to Arts Forum I have not long been on this web page, found it to be a good way to show my work. To other artists and public who look on this page. One way to get my work more known on a wider range, than local area on exhibitions. It is also good to see what other artists are doing and comments they make and new ideas. Makes me feel part of the art community. ...[GOTO] Janet 0 09 Sep 12 13:51 IST
Protection I have decided it is high time I did something for the protection of the surface of my work.

I have never felt it was worth the trouble until recently. However, I haven't yet been able to find a material or a way to prepare it that would create a protective film for my oils without making the surface too glossy or flat. Partly because I have been afraid to test on finished work.

Any suggestions, recipes or advice on books are w ...[GOTO]
Maria 6 29 Jan 09 21:30 GMT
Help... Ha..i dont remember how to put more then these two first pictures in the studio log.....
Thanks for the help i can get.....
jacques ...[GOTO]
Jacques 1 20 Jun 08 10:31 IST
A Universal Truth "It is on account of emptiness that all things are at all possible," Nagarjuna's Madhkyamikasastra

How does this principle apply to painting? What does it say about negative space? On a larger scale, what does this say about the creative process, i.e. the blank canvas, the blank mind, nature of creativity? 

How does this idea make you feel? 


Abby Jones ...[GOTO]
Abby 0 21 Apr 08 17:04 IST
I am still waiting .........Anybody...please! I wrote in the forum for some days ago and are still waiting for some reactions...
I am running out of material and ask for help or ideas where i can find this Carbonpaper i use in my work...
Look at the forum where i post it, under The Art Process.
Jacques ...[GOTO]
Jacques 4 20 Jan 08 11:22 GMT
Help! I am running out of material!!!! Hi everybody

I have a acctuelly a big problem....

In my work i use know these old paper to make copyies in the old time.
I have been using a specific paper named PELIKAN Spirit carbon set U 21 S.
3 month ago a contacted Pelican and other companys here in Europe but nobody could help me.
This paper is not in the market anymore.
SO...Is there ANYBODY,ANYWHERE witch maybe have this paper ...[GOTO]
Jacques 2 20 Mar 07 19:07 GMT
Tektile art!!! Hi
My name is Jacques Montel and i work as an artist and set designer here in Sweden.
You can read about me if you go to my links down below.

I am working with a project for blinds and seeing people.
My project is called "Translation.
I will use Braille and Tektile technique.
I got the permission from Paulo Coelho to use his words from "Maktub"....( Its written.)
My paintings (Carbongraphic) with a combinati ...[GOTO]
Jacques 2 21 Jan 07 12:52 GMT

Эта небольшая по объёму экспозиция посвящена великой и бесконечно богатой природе Человека. Его необъяснимой способности быть одновременно высоким и низким существом. Его роли творца, основного сюжета, объекта исследования и источника жизненной энергии. Энергии человека, нуждающегося в освобождении. Постоянно.
 Это также акция принципиально новой формы искусства, равно как и сознания, предполагающего н ...[GOTO]
Igor 1 28 Sep 06 09:47 IST

What is optimising? A geeky, techie term for making files neat and tidy
for the web. However, it's not just about size, but quality too! You
will need software such as the ubiquitous Photoshop, or if you don't
have that, there is a great freebie prog on the net called Graphic
Converter (available from Follow these six steps:

1. Take good pict ...[GOTO]
Jazz 8 15 Dec 08 05:25 GMT
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