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back and issues Hi JP
long time but finally hope to be back with a regular care and updates as this may be time of "physic-art" work again.
I try to update the profile but find strange answers
Am i still active?
I may expect not, as there has been no time for me to do absolutely anything all these years, however please someone let me know as everything ended suspended
hope this to be a new start instead and to be able to include other images ...[GOTO]
eli 4 08 Apr 11 09:46 IST
Image size J.P, when I uploaded my ink drawings I realised that there is possibility to upload larger files in studio log than in the gallery. Given the fact that studio log images cannot be blown up, shouldn't it be the other way round? I realise that gallery images are much more than studio log ones and I suspect allowing larger files to be uploaded would affect the whole database, but I have no idea how this works, so I may as well talking jiberish... ...[GOTO] Maria 0 22 Mar 09 14:46 GMT
Taking a renewed look at Art Process. Enough time has passed and membership increased to warrant a renewed look at not only the direction of Art Process but its present reality and future potential. This is not to take away from what was its initial vision but to possibly bring it closer to that vision. An online virtual community of artists, that was the unknown factor when the site began. Was such a premise even a possibility? Well it is possible, friendships have been formed and c ...[GOTO] Hillel 31 11 Dec 09 18:02 GMT
Move to Due to a reorganization of the hosting company, I've had to move the artprocess site to a new server. I've taken the opportunity to upgrade some of the underlying software, and to move the site to the artprocess.NET domain.
The domain is now redirecting all requests to, so please start using directly, and let me know if there are any problems with it (pages that fail, broken links etc.).
M ...[GOTO]
JP 2 06 Sep 15 06:05 IST
Reasons to be cheerful.... This is a great site. Why?
You can see other artists' work - you can TALK to them about it.
You can ask for help.
You can get together and exhibit.
It is international.
It's not as good as actually painting but then nothing is. It beats staring at the rain on a dreek day in deepest rural Scotland.
Lighten up you lot!
best wishes,
Anne ...[GOTO]
Anne 6 08 Nov 07 12:33 GMT
can anyone help please? it seems that the last image to be uploaded is the work that shows on the artist profile list here, is there any way around this? is it possible to choose which work is the one that everyone sees first? ...[GOTO] teresa a 3 02 Oct 06 22:18 IST
Rating images? What's the philosophy behind the rating option for images on the site? Personally, I'm uncomfortable clicking a number to express approval or disapproval of someone else's work. (Also, a high rating wouldn't make me feel better about my work and a low rating would only irritate me so, to me, it seems pointless.)
Reminds of me of those rating machines at supermarket checkouts; how was my service? 5 is excellent, 1 is poor etc. I think this mak ...[GOTO]
null 2 06 May 06 16:54 IST
name title etc? i like this site a lot so far, i was just wondering why it is neccisary to put in two names? (ie first and second name) in terms of the promotion of my paintings, my name is hilary and i'm happy with that... it's difficult to explain why it's so important to me, but i was just curious if i'd be able to just enter one name... thanks... hilary ...[GOTO] . 11 13 Dec 08 22:10 GMT
Praise for work well done In comparison with the earlier site, I like it very much. I think that the ability to click on images to enlarge them is important. I don’t like the idea of confining images too much, so this update seems to have relinquished the size-format-regime of the previous version. I like the simple layout, which works well in an internet world that seems to be totally contaminated by advertising. The opportunities for non-verbal artistic communication ar ...[GOTO] rory 2 13 Dec 08 11:32 GMT
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