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Upload not possible Am not able to upload my works ...[GOTO] Seyi 0 23 Nov 17 14:07 GMT
cannot change a mistig Input 39,7x49,7 ...[GOTO] Kurt 0 15 Jan 16 12:33 GMT
I Broke AP. Hurray! I made my comment, [LINK][/LINK] got the successpage, clicked to return and got an error 29 notice (I think) but saw in my inbox that the comment was made. Went to the page and saw all the other comments were changed. I believe that somehow or other I have broken AP once and for all. Maybe that's a good thing and I should be commended, you tell me.

Hillel 1 18 Mar 13 16:18 GMT
Limits ..increase limit anyone ? I failed to upload new image as it exceeded set limit.
thank you ...[GOTO]
Tony 0 02 Oct 08 21:03 IST
Suggestions for the site John Paul, I would like to publish an upcoming event but it would be nice and interesting if I could also publish the invitation as an image, or the poster, or at least a logo. So what do you think of making it possible to add images on the "Events" forum? Is it too mauch work? ...[GOTO] Maria 3 02 Sep 08 19:35 IST
Error while reading or saving file. Posted content length of 1309161 exceeds limit of 153600 Error while reading or saving file. Posted content length of 1309161 exceeds limit of 153600

What does this mean ...[GOTO]
Corinne 3 03 Aug 08 22:08 IST
Artist's Cafe I'm assuming that the new Forum listing "Artist's Cafe" is a place on the Art Process Forum pages where we can post stories or essays, pertinent and relevant to our experiences as artists. Perhaps our own personal insights about gallery or museum shows we've seen in the various areas of the world where we live or have access to. Items of interest that don't fall comfortably under the existing listings. The kind of things we might tell each o ...[GOTO] Hillel 1 13 Mar 08 23:26 GMT
Error I am not getting upload ...[GOTO] f 1 10 Feb 11 21:30 GMT
error loading pictures Hi I m new here and while trying to load my pics: an error appeared. can you help me? ...[GOTO] joke 2 19 Jan 08 19:57 GMT
Error by uploading Try 2 times to upload a pic. and get error but with the 1 pic, there was no problem .
jean 2 16 Jan 08 18:45 GMT
Name growing !! Hello J.P.
why is my name elongating across the screen even to the point of crossing into the photo image. Something to do with the "fada" maybe ?
thanks, Tony. ...[GOTO]
Tony 1 17 Jul 07 21:08 IST
Pixelised images Hi all, I was wondering why my images are so blurry and pixelated? I am using JPEG's as the site advises, however no matter what I do they dont look as good as they should. I have detailed illustrations to upload (not using digital shots) and originally they were PNG's but I have converted them for this site. PNG's do not work. ...[GOTO] Gemma Louise 5 15 Dec 08 05:20 GMT
Error while reading or saving file. Read timed out. ? ...[GOTO]
eli 2 21 Apr 07 16:56 IST
upload file size Hi,

150K seems a very small file size.. Is there a trick to having a good size image and quality whilst still keeping the file size so low? My pictures come out really small and then when sized up here, they totally blur! My work is quite detailed also, so small images aren't much fun to look at..

If anyone has any sugestions I would be very greatful.. am keen to upload my work!


Carlo. ...[GOTO]
carlo 1 19 Apr 07 18:16 IST
Initial Profile Submission JP - I have retyped and attempted to resubmit my profile four times and I'm not sure what I've been doing wrong. My photo along with my art images downloaded relatively well, so I'm not sure why the profile sumbission is not accepted. Could it be that the profile submission is timed, and I'm taking too long to compose my thoughts, or is it simply that my information is too long and the submission is rejected do to length? Thank you. ...[GOTO] Michele 1 08 Apr 07 08:09 IST
deleting images hi J.P. accidently uploaded the same image twice and wish to delete the repeat. also uploaded a studio shot of work in progress and wish to delete this also. how can I do this?
Doug ...[GOTO]
Doug 1 04 Feb 07 04:32 GMT
problem with uploading Error while reading or saving file. Posted content length of 385196 exceeds limit of 153600 ...[GOTO] Marta 1 25 Jan 07 11:41 GMT
uploading self-portrait and artwork on Trapani participants page haven't been able to upload either my self-portrait or an example of my work on this page. how can I successfuly do this? I receive this message:

Error message: evolveprj: error on database retrieval. ERROR: invalid input syntax for integer: "null"

Doug Kinsey

Doug 2 21 Jan 07 04:24 GMT
Log in Time Is there any way to to extend it? I just lost another one and I'm so frustrated I'm afraid I'll have to give up for now and seek refuge in a bottle. ...[GOTO] Hillel 2 11 Jan 07 16:29 GMT
download hi im trying to download an image into the website and it is not possible in any way it gives me this message Error while reading or saving file. Posted content length of 1329270 exceeds limit of 153600

anyone can help?
thank u so much!
luz ...[GOTO]
luz 1 07 Dec 06 20:32 GMT
Request For Participation to exhibit at Trapani 2007 Hi, I wanted to adjourn my artist profile asking to participate in Trapani 2007, but I don't succeed to save new profile ...[GOTO] a 4 17 Dec 06 14:32 GMT
file size is 149000 Error while reading or saving file. Posted content length of 512015 exceeds limit of 153600 ...[GOTO] Donald 4 26 Sep 06 18:28 IST
web-link goes to Microsoft page Hi, I've just joined and when I checked the link to my website, it opened Microsoft's homepage in a new page. Is this just temporary, or is it a bug?
Many thanks

OH and PS, how about a 'Scottish' nationality? ...[GOTO]
Christopher 2 11 Feb 06 05:16 GMT
correcting my own name sorry jean-paul, i still haven't figured out  how to do it...i'd like to have my whole name and since i've registered i couldn't type it, maybe because south-americans have too many last names... ...[GOTO] Patricia 1 10 Feb 06 21:28 GMT
voting From the page "votehandler" I had the following error message when I tried to vote on one piece of artwork. I could vote another time though.
SQL Error: ERROR: ExecInsert: rejected due to CHECK constraint "scorecheck" on "apo_rating" ...[GOTO]
Johannes 3 06 May 05 12:57 IST
registration Put a star on a mandatory field during the registration. ...[GOTO] semir 1 02 May 05 10:21 IST
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